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  1. Crazyshadow

    Selling CrazyShadow Cthulhu Tower Shop #1

    I am taking offers on Monria Shop at Cthulhu Tower Shop#1 due to low time available to manage it properly. RL job is taking most of my time and unfortunately I dont have as much time as before to play. 200 Item points 10 Item points in display area 10 Item points in additional area 2 floors I...
  2. Crazyshadow

    Twitch Stream | Don CrazyShadow Hunterz

    Im new to streaming, I just upgraded my internet upload speed recently so now I can stream my mining runs on Monria! Using pre-amped finders and big amps indoors! Twitch Stream | Crazyshadow Many people ask me where/how deep/what/when to mine on Monria. My stream will answer all of those...
  3. Crazyshadow

    Monria Ultimate crafting click - Melee Durability Amplifier 94

    After 4 months of collecting Monria mob's parts, I finally managed to gather enough cultist claws for a click of Melee Durability Amplifier 94. A Monria specific big melee amp. Unfortunately not a success :( and my BP had only 2 click on it. For info: 225ped tt per click, around 1200-1400ped...
  4. Crazyshadow

    Suggestions Poll

    This thread is for prioritizing suggestions as previously mentioned in this thread: You can vote only ONCE but you can have MULTIPLE choices ! **Please do not select all, we know they are all good suggestions but select...
  5. Crazyshadow

    Uber HoFs - A strange energy beneath the South Crater

    After going back to the surface from the cavern, I first thought my eyes were blind to the bright sunlight...but no! It was a 6428 Ped Tower of Angelic Grit!! :D 1130 PED Zinc! 2016-04-16
  6. Crazyshadow

    Uber HoFs - Secret of The Hidden Shub Cavern

    Shub Cavern 1208 PED Energized Crystal ! (2015-12-21) Shub Cavern 23 874 PED Ganganite Stone ! (2016-03-25) Shub Cavern 1344 PED Growth Molecule ! (2016-03-30)
  7. Crazyshadow

    Suggestions for next VU

    As we talked on Monria chat yesterday, here's my list of suggestions: Mining: - Add a rookie finder (0.1ped/drop) so its easier for newbie to start mining. - Add Sweetstuff enmatter so miners can get some to craft nutrio for pets. Hunting: - Add a shared boss mob like a big Shub or a huge...
  8. Crazyshadow

    BUYING: Mob's Parts & Skins

    Hello Monrians, I am buying all type of monrian mob's skins & parts: - Shoggoth skin........... not anymore - Shoggoth tentacles... not anymore - Yog Skin................... not anymore - Yog Eyeball.............. (300%) - Yog Tusk.................. not anymore - Cultist...
  9. Crazyshadow

    GIGANTIC Caldorite @ Monria 31k PED

    Who said there is not enough ped cycled on Monria for such big hof? Here is my highest mining claim ever!!! 31 034 PED
  10. Crazyshadow

    OMFG Tower #4 !!

    South crater Zinc 4258 PED!! Ima turn crazy!!!!!:happy I LOVE mining on Monria!
  11. Crazyshadow

    Tower #3 for me!

    A very good way to finish the month of November which was horrible in mining until I hit this wonderfull Blausariam tower. :verycool
  12. Crazyshadow

    Mining hitrate in various locations

    ----------------------EDIT--------------------- ___________2014-12-03___________ Our Hit Rate results since October VU (Radicalshark and I) West crater: 10,85% (2046 drops) Main Crater: 11,99% (2234 drops) South Crater: 9.45% (2040 drops) Cave: 10.18% (1927 drops) Combined overall hit rate...
  13. Crazyshadow

    Differents Finder statistics comparison on Monria

    I thought it could be interesting to compare average depth,claim size and hit rate of the mid-level finder that Im using on Monria. Mining was done in both West and South crater. At first I thought the DSEC would have a lower hit rate% than other finder because it have an inferior search...
  14. Crazyshadow

    My First Tower

    I just cant believe it yet... A 4146 PED Lysterium tower poped my face in West crater. :D Same recipe : DSEC L12 + Amp lvl 2
  15. Crazyshadow

    My biggest HOF so far!!

    After a long low strike while using a lots of amp lvl 5 and lvl 2, I finally hit something big. I knew I was about to hit something big, but didn't expect that big :D A lvl XXII (22) Lysterium Stone in West Crater, near the TP. 2711PED I was using DSEC Seeker L12 + Amp lvl 2 This is my...
  16. Crazyshadow

    Going for a long Mining run on Monria

    Hello to the population of Monria, Im an active miner (over 2000 drops/week, lvl 15) looking for new zone to prospect and explore. Im tired of Foma, my mining runs returns is desperately going down since the beginning of new year. Im new to Monria, ive read that there a cave and 3 craters for...
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