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  1. FireFist

    NI - Serpentine Shop #2 for a Shop on Toulan

    Like the post says im looking to trade Serpentine #2 on NI for a Shop on Toulan. Maybe you're looking for something different maybe a beach vacation? Buy this so, I can buy Siths shop lol <3 WTS Serpentine #2 on NI. Maybe you're looking for something different maybe a beach vacation? Indoor...
  2. FireFist

    Crackers currently not dropping from mobs anymore

    Had few on the quest kill sunjoq and tabtab and qaffaz nothing is dropping them according to them can we explore and see if we can fix before 31st? tyty <3
  3. FireFist

    Toulan Floor 7 Booth #8 for sale -- SOLD

    pst me in game (Ace FireFist Williams) or msg me here. Starting at 5x CLD’s Buyout is 7x CLD’s Once the starting bid has been met there will be a 1 week phase like in the AH if no other bids the Shop will be sold. I reserve the right to cancel at anytime prior to receiving the starting bid. I...
  4. FireFist

    Nahar Towers

    Im going to add to this later since im off planet but, to start. I assume this isn't suppose to be this way but, currently the televators dont show on the map so, if ur new to Toulan you can easily miss them which bring me to the next point the televators are really small and easy to miss if...
  5. FireFist

    Sabad Finder Amp V1 BP - Bugged? lost? Legendary rare?

    So, as we know this last VU with those New big momma lasers brough A LOT of ppl out to Toulan and I may be wrong but, I believe All the new BP's that were added this last VU had been discovered if not all a good bit of them. With that said ALL the new laser BP's have been found though. Which...
  6. FireFist

    CuHof - Mirsal Token bug?

    Since last VU it appears CuHof 05 is having issues with Mirsals dropping? Im posting this for Em since personally i cant complete 05 myself so, if other ppl are experiencing this wouldbe good to add your experience but, I can say I still recieved Mirsals in 01 and 02 some ppl are reporting 03...
  7. FireFist

    Future Armor

    Well since we have arguably the best textures in game I thought to myself we should have a (C) armor to fit the way we've kinda went even adding more textures to the Planet I thought it only right to mention at least me id like to see one :P though would be nice to see it better than Graduate...
  8. FireFist

    Nawa Temple Weird Bug

    So, digging the more kaffash at the rig - not sure if the respawns on them might be a little much? But, the reason for the post when killing these kaffash theyre despawning mid fight sometimes and taking the decay/cycle with them. Think im done here til thats fix since now its turning into an...
  9. FireFist

    Quwa Mining Youd Stage 1

    Just finished this Quest and the rewards was a choice of prospector or mining. Though Youd is Enmatter I expected since its an Enmatter quest id receive a choice Enmatter skill instead of prospector is this suppose to be this way? if so, a few suggestions id say a. remove Prospector and replace...
  10. FireFist

    PvP area bug? maybe?

    [Planet Toulan, 136820, 94680, 145, Waypoint] I was running around here n theres a few spots that u enter pvp in this area and exit and then u go back to the spot and its not pvp again its really odd?
  11. FireFist

    Temple Nawa Rig

    Currently The rig I feel there is A LOT of standing around at lol - after visiting RT and spending sometime exploring and seeing their rig areas. I was thinking how we have fragments set at like 10x fragment spawns maybe we could cut those spawns into maybe stacks of 2 but, more frequency of...
  12. FireFist

    FireFist's Customer Reward Program

    Each Month I will do a raffle for .25% from total revenue for the entire month. The raffle will be held on the 1st of every month for the previous month. This will be shared between all shops/booth I own at the moment of the drawing. Booth here /wp [Planet Toulan, 134372, 96659, 176...
  13. FireFist

    Kill 193 Duhol Daily

    Was killing Duhol thief for around an hour noticed it applied to Codex so, figured id keep going to find out they aren't applied to this daily. I know higher maturities go towards it. If its suppose to be they maybe add mission text saying X maturity and up? or obviously if not suppose to be...
  14. FireFist

    Fauna and Flora

    I'd like to see for the bigger players out there FnF to have the Wahesh and Thawr implemented in there and maybe that Dsec new mob that shows up on the codex might be nice? thats all i had here :P
  15. FireFist

    Jaish Boots - This might be a bug? more of just a verify I suppose?

    I havent done this with every Item in Toulan but, I can say some of them seem off or way to much per click? These boots im trying to craft but, getting this amt of leather can get brutal. but, the reason i bring this up is per click is over 10ped TT and the item itself is only 7.5ped now most...
  16. FireFist

    Toulan Nawa Energy Cells

    We know Energy Cells at least to my knowledge are only used to open the instances. But, I thought it would be great if they had more applications they could be used for. I'm sure someone already thought of this but, I was thinking maybe they could be used in Future Toulan vehicle bp's ie. their...
  17. FireFist

    Nadira Quest Bug

    with the new quest "Where's my Pants" those of us that aren't Toulan/Monria born it shows that Nadira has a quest. So, those of us here trying to spam the crafting daily spam Aborted missions now since you never know when she has the quest ready ><
  18. FireFist

    CuHof Suggestion

    wow im on fire 3 in a row >< So, as we know Cuhof doesn't give looter skill which turns ppl away from completing CuHof and idk if that goes towards other instances or not but, im here to talk about cuhof :p maybe this isn't something you can fix since it might be specifically a MA thing? I dont...
  19. FireFist

    Mining Daily

    Im here to say I do like the fact you guys added the Mining daily! thank you for listening :P im currently unsure how I feel towards it 100% just for the reason if someones new to the game I feel 500points might never come for them but, after talking with hally i increased my mining with a...
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