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  1. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Stepping away for a while

    Hey Monria! As a result of some RL financial issues, I need to step away from EU for a while. As a result, I have resigned as Assistant Manger of the Space Travel Program. Thanks to Anhithe and DME for allowing me to serve the "commoonity" aboard the Yamato. It's been a lot of work, but a...
  2. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Happy Fourth Anniversary to the Monria Team!

    I just wanted to post my congratulations for four wonderful years on Monria. Thank you to Ant and your entire team for creating a place and community that so many of us are proud to call home. Happy Anniversary, Monria!! Lami
  3. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Poster Idea

    Hey Ant? If you ever want to create another poster for Monria, here's an idea for it. A few of us keep "suggesting" to DME (all in fun of course) that we want a flying rideable yog with lasers coming out of the eyes. I think it would be a great idea for a poster, maybe in a "Decopunk" style...
  4. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Full-tt Malgar Foot Guards (M,L) on auction

    I just placed on the Monria auction a pair of Limited male Malgar Foot Guards, with an opening bid of 12 peds or 120%. Good luck everyone! :)
  5. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    NPC's floating in air

    I just noticed that the three NPC's outside Filthy's shop in the hub (Dan Frances, Ben Connors, and Andy Greenfield) are floating a few inches off the floor. Not a big deal, but it looks a little odd, especially if you have shadows enabled. :D
  6. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Jerkiness when trying to move in the Hub

    There's a lot of bugginess when trying to move around in the Hub. I went up to the Trade Center and back out, it seemed to be a lot worse upstairs. My avatar kind of jerks sideways every couple of steps while running around.
  7. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Daylight Savings Time (or Summer Time): how it affects the Yamato schedule

    To all players in the USA (except those in locations that do not have Daylight Savings Time, like Arizona): we did the "spring forward" thing last night. The Yamato schedule runs on game time, which does not do any sort of summer time change. So, it will appear to us in the US that the Yamato...
  8. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Cultists spawning inside rocks

    While mobs spawning inside rocks has been going on for a long time, there are a lot of cultists spawning inside the rocks around the abandoned west tunnel in the main crater. Maybe get rid of some of the rocks? They look awesome, but you can't kill the cultists inside the rocks, or the...
  9. Lamilla Lami Masterson

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    The Bunny's (Gatekeeper's) shop seems to have a hole in the floor. I fell down the rabbit('s) hole, and landed on top of an apartment a couple of floors below.
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