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  1. Svako

    Selling: Floor 4, Apartment "J" (Small) - SOLD

    Since all the small apartments from Mirsal were already sold and some might have missed the opportunity to acquire one, I'm selling the one I have gotten this weekend. If interested, feel free to make me an offer (PM here or in-game). SB: 2k BO: 3k
  2. Svako

    Selling: Booth 14 on Floor 7 - SOLD

    After much deliberation, I have decided to sell the booth acquired this weekend as I don't really see my self as a shop/booth owner so far, therefore starting to take serious offers on it. As for the price, Mirsal token MU is currently around 1k%, meaning getting booth from the trader is 30k ped...
  3. Svako

    Mestawy Melee AMP V1 (L)

    Discovered today from Duhol wave boss
  4. Svako

    Wave shared loot areas

    Hey all, would it make sense and would it be possible to rework wave events a bit, so they would be more like the caly waves? I mean instead of killing everything in the zone, make there a progress bar for each wave, once 100% is reached, wave is done and we move to next stage? Also timer would...
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