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  1. iHadAFunday

    RE: VU 22.1.1 | PATCH

    I see the Mokhat have come back to Guardian Village! One thing though, they are no longer puny sized (they remain the same size they were/are in Jelly Zone), and the Dahhar Juvenile mixed in have become super-sized as well! Not a big deal, just letting you know about it :) Also, I would like to...
  2. iHadAFunday

    L0 Qaffaz Juvenile Young Migration

    I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but the L0 Qaffaz Juvenile Young that were here: [Planet Toulan, 133734, 93835, 174, Waypoint] near the dam, seem to have moved to [Planet Toulan, 134198, 93530, 156, Waypoint], mixed with other maturities.
  3. iHadAFunday

    Blueprints in the Wrong Book?

    I am going through my blueprints tonight and I noticed [Aqeeq Texture Blueprint] and [Tabtab Texture Blueprint] are located in [Toulan Blueprints], instead of [Toulan Texture Blueprints I]?
  4. iHadAFunday

    Rubberbanding and Incorrect Revive at The Citadel Has Returned

    Hello VS team! I landed on Toulan late last night and noticed that the rubberbanding that was occurring previously while on top of the structure, has returned. I logged out and returned ~6 hours later, no change :( . Additionally, I am again being placed under/inside the structure when I press...
  5. iHadAFunday

    DEC and Derelict Typo(s)

    "How do you keep breaking into"
  6. iHadAFunday

    Harvesting Dill?

    Unless DSEC-9 has some lore about space pickles :), I think these should be drills?
  7. iHadAFunday

    Parallel Lines on Indoor Floor

    This is not just a Toulan thing, but since you guys pay attention to us, I want to bring it up. I believe it started when I installed an RTX 3060. I am thinking this might just be a CryEngine thing and may fix itself in UE5. Seems to only happen indoors, must be something with the way the light...
  8. iHadAFunday

    Thana's Mini Daily Mining Quest

    After accepting Thana's Mini Daily Mining Quest, this (screenshot attached) dialogue window comes up. Clicking the ??? has no response. Also, there are 2 spaces in the title between "Mini" and "Daily"
  9. iHadAFunday

    Water Near The Citadel

    The water in one of the ponds near the Citadel extends beyond the terrain, as shown in the attached screenshot
  10. iHadAFunday

    Toulan Trousers (F)

    I am not sure if this has been brought up before, a forum search of "Trousers" and "Toulan Trousers" does not. Default Toulan Trousers (F) are invisible in the preview, and "Givin" should be "given" on the description panel I think.
  11. iHadAFunday

    Typo: Where's My Pet Completion Dialogue

    oh my "darlingsr" :) p.s. im not a nasty person. i did my best 😭
  12. iHadAFunday

    Loot From Mokhat, Dahhar, TabTab (Equipment & Material) + More!

    Currently exploring on another Planet, be back soon! Each time I end a run or make a sale, the item quantity available is refreshed and the price you pay is recalculated. Now accepting [Vibrant Sweat] as trade for the following Full TT items: Mawlood Armor Recruit (L), Mawlood Recruit Eagle...
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