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    Suggestion - Add a TP to Jelly Zone on Toulan

    Suggestion - Add a TP to Jelly Zone on Toulan There's already a revive and terminals there so it makes sense.
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    "Harvest attempt failed to generate usable resources"?

    Is "Harvest attempt failed to generate usable resources" the same thing as an nrf in mining with trees or is it something else? Reading through the quarterly pdf it seems you have to have the correct level tool to get the resource from the tree. However, I'm using a Terratech PH-3 on large...
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    Butt Joint?

    The new Butt Joint Blueprint is nice especially since harvesting is so nice and easy on Toulan. However, this leads to the question what blueprints is the Butt Joint used as a component of? Are they the new basic filters that have no purpose, or is there a higher level blueprint they are used in?
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    What is the daily reward for tab tab?

    Started doing the tab tab daily mission yesterday to tame 100. I didn't pay attention to stats when I went back to the npc at the stable. No reward window came up if I remember, but I may have been not paying attention due to drinking too much egg nog and other goodies... When you end the 100...
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    taming tools and stuff in loot...

    Now that there's a repeatable taming mission how about adding interesting rare stuff to the loot tables of tab tab or whatever other tameable pets are on the way on this planet... stuff that normally is not easy to get except via webshop or overpriced places in game... is it possible to add in...
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    sweat shop?

    I seem to remember a while back there was a shop that sold stacks of sweat somewhere on Monria? Does it still exist, and if so, where is it? I know there's another place that does similar on Arkadia, but am looking for something here.
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    Does passive give more experience?

    When passive is activated on pet the pet eats more nutrio per hour, but does that result in more experience gained or is it just an extra luxury cost?
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