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    Lotus spawn is gone !

    Hi . After ths big update the lotus invaders area spawn is cut with 50%. Half of the map is empty now and the areas with mobs are just some . Need to run half of the time after mobs . For farming milions of molten need a bigger spawn . When are 3-4 hunters in the same time it is even harder ...
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    Lotus instances !

    Hello guys as many ppl know i farm for more than 4 months the lotus dungeon for the armor . I circled more than 600k peds in the area . First need to have the crown for looting gold parts long chain quest took me 2 months at lest .after start to farm lotus invaders for molten keys . So to make...
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    Lotus invader nice hof !

    Mob makes 4 different kind of damage , electric , cold , penetr and burn , Can be killed easy with viceroy armor . I post here the biggest hof got it from them . I w8 you all here to join me . I can buy all your molten key with 350%-500% MU depends on color . Kind Regards ! Raindrop
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    Monsters not show on map

    Hi am farming for sometime on lotusinvaders area and are some days when monsters dosent appear on the radar . Some a see but some are not . I got this problem in instances also . P.S the lotus plates Really Exists ? Cuse i made some lotus gold instances and didnt find any . Make the drop of...
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