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  1. Leshrac KAINE Necros

    Change in CotS Leadership

    As I have been way too busy with work and collage classes as well as home life. I am turning over leadership of CotS to Kingu. I will still try to login and play as much as I can, but I cant promise much until my classes are finished.
  2. Leshrac KAINE Necros

    Items in wrong ah category

    The Bahri claw and Bahri skin are showing up under the mindforce category in the ah.
  3. Leshrac KAINE Necros

    Selling 2 Arkadian apartments

    I am selling 2 Arkadian apartments. Celeste North 14 Lvl 1 Celeste North 12 Lvl 3 The level 1 apartment is right above RavenJades shop. They are being put in Ark ah in 24 hours, 4:00 EU time. They are going to be sold for 2k each with a 3k buyout, which is standard Ark apt prices. I would...
  4. Leshrac KAINE Necros

    New Monrian crafting item

    It goes without saying that Monria has some beautiful scenery and the caves are no different. In the caves, namely the main Shub cavern, there are massive crystals. I own a bunch of the crystals from Cyrene and I was thinking that Monria could also have crystals as a crafting ingredient for...
  5. Leshrac KAINE Necros

    Future mob/mission ideas

    Something I was thinking about while reading the books on Monrias history was about the fact that there are humans, or at least humanish individuals working with the cultists. These could be interesting mobs to have spawn on occasion in a future story based mission chain or just every so often...
  6. Leshrac KAINE Necros

    Cultists face mask

    In the Hunt the Thing area, you can acquire the Thing Infection. For those that don't know, it's a tentacle whip that bonds to your hand. There are a lot of options for items like that here on Monria. After all, it's difficult to deal with Elder Gods and their ilk and not get the taint of their...
  7. Leshrac KAINE Necros

    Just saying hi o/

    Just popping in to say hi to everyone. I came to Monria with LadyDemonia almost a week ago and quite honestly, I have to say that y'all have the friendliest community (or coMOONity, as I've seen it put) that I've seen on any planet. Everyone I've dealt with here has been extremely helpful and...
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