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    Khaffash 5

    Khaffash Stage 5
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    Wahesh 4 & 5

    Wahesh Stage 4 Kill: 1100 Reward: 9.05 Exp.Project.Weaponry + 40 AGI/STA -OR- 9.05 Courage + 40 INT/PSY Wahesh Stage 5 Kill: 1388 Reward: 5.71 Dodge + 50 AGI/STR -OR- 5.71 Evade + 50 INT/STA
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    Khaffash stage 3

    7.5 Inflict Range Damage + 20 Agility or Psyche Tokens... etc
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    Toulan, a planet where the sun always shines!

    Disclaimer: It was kind of hard to figure out the right section for this thread - it's not about any specific geographic location, but it's not about space either. In a way it looks like a suggestion, but I don't want to put any pressure on the developers. I believe they can see the big picture...
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    Jeef Zajer Daily mission doesn't include all maturities

    Edit: The mission is OK, the mistake was mine (didn't notice there's actually 2 different mobs in this area). Sry for confusion! ______________________________________________________________ There's different varieties of some maturities, for example Ancient can be L19, L20 or L24. Some of...
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    Road Trip

    15min video about Toulan Cheers, keep up the good work!
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