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    Qaffaz wave spawn

    Hi it is now working. Couple of points - wave area is still difficult to see and waves are very large - seems over 50 in each wave. Also how many waves?
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    I. Can we please have mission brokers. 2. Can we have some cool rewards for missions. ARC and Caly give armour or guns depending on mission coins. 3. Can someone update the nawa fountain. It barely throws off nawa. 4. A Toulan only vehicle would be great - how about a magic carpet? I...
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    New Weapons

    Need a clue on this one - all I ever get are Salarfa and lower weapons.
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    How do we get the components needed for basic crafting. I have shot everything and I'm now mining big time but still nothing.
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    We need to have landowners so we can organise events.
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    Wave Bug

    Hi there, I am trying to really like Toulan and have been up a few times to visit. Darko persuaded me back for the wave events. I am here but the waves are not working. Any reason why? Thanks
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