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  1. Derik LaPierre

    BioSymbiotic Gear (Weapons/Armour/Tools)

    Its too bad that everyone feels that MA won't allow it. This system could become a merging of some of the pet taming system with combat, and could solve some major negative economic issues getting in the way of the expansion of the game as a whole.
  2. Derik LaPierre

    BioSymbiotic Gear (Weapons/Armour/Tools)

    I had been watching some unrelated content pertaining to the food chain and symbiosis with the natural environment, and this caused me to ponder some interesting ideas/concepts. What if we were able to create living weapons, armour and gear that grows and develops as they are used...
  3. Derik LaPierre

    Epic mission chain + other stuffs

    Account binding/ Soulbound items may be the only viable option to convince MA to do certain things since it would be extremely easy to economically balance and control the consequences such items may have on the free market.
  4. Derik LaPierre

    Epic mission chain + other stuffs

    My main concern is that Toulan does not have the gear I need to progress my character. I am currently facing an "armour wall". The mobs that I am able to hunt with my armour are pretty much done, or almost done. In order to progress to the next stage of mobs, I need better gear. Weapons are...
  5. Derik LaPierre

    This will be a day of reflection ...

    Please accept my condolences again DME,. I am not sure what else to say that would help other than well wishes. Losing a parent is never easy to go through, prepared for it or not. I hope that this helps:
  6. Derik LaPierre

    shared loot mob issues on caly maybe on others

    OOOOOoooohhhh, check out the drama this is causing on the Caly forums!
  7. Derik LaPierre

    Planet Toulan 'The New Frontier'

    Welcome to Toulan, the Dubai of Entropia Universe. :)
  8. Derik LaPierre

    Launching Toulan Monthly Event | Guardian Village | Dec 18th - 20th

    Hopefully my arcane talents can be of some use. :)
  9. Derik LaPierre

    Blueprints that use Animal oil residue and shrapnel.

    Would it be possible to have a BP that uses animal oil residue and shrapnel? Maybe Animal oil residue + shrapnel = metal residue? Maybe with a 3rd ingredient in the mix that is Toulan specific.
  10. Derik LaPierre

    Customizable Toulanian Star Fighter

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a customizable star fighter of the same stats and performance as the Quad, but using Toulanian materials, weapons, and of a Toulanian aesthetic. The Naboo starfighter with Arabic decor comes to mind....
  11. Derik LaPierre

    Big (sort of) EP 1 hit.

    I know this may not be very big (19.65 PED), but it happened yesterday while doing my crafting daily with Explosive Projectiles 1.....
  12. Derik LaPierre

    Toulan Crafting Repeatable + Yamato Skilling Runs = WIN

    Substitute Toulan for Monria and you still win :). I just need to import the TabTab stuff from Toulan. ;)
  13. Derik LaPierre

    Toulan Crafting Repeatable + Yamato Skilling Runs = WIN

    If Toulan ever got a repeatable crafting quest and we had the Yamato do repair runs based out of Toulan SS, that would be incredibly handy and competitive for skilling up crafting, even better than the Kronan. The TabTab texture BP would be so ecco per click that people would swarm from all over...
  14. Derik LaPierre

    Toulan Suggestions | General Discussion

    I have an idea for shops/stalls. I don't know how viable it is because of my lack of experience in owning a shop. I was thinking about maybe leased stalls. Instead of property that is permanently owned where the owner has to pay upgrades and taxes and stuff, could it be viable to have stalls...
  15. Derik LaPierre

    8 posts to see the Shoutbox...

  16. Derik LaPierre

    8 posts to see the Shoutbox...

  17. Derik LaPierre

    8 posts to see the Shoutbox...

  18. Derik LaPierre

    8 posts to see the Shoutbox...

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