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  1. Gunvald of Monria

    Monria Event | Decca Reclaims Cult of Shut'thend | Sat - June 15th

    Dont worry about it! It's all fun and game! Not saying you did anything wrong*! Goodluck to everyone! :thumbsup
  2. Gunvald of Monria

    Monria Event | Decca Reclaims Cult of Shut'thend | Sat - June 15th

    My guess will be 619. Goodluck everyone and have FUN! :thumbsup
  3. Gunvald of Monria

    Happy Birthday | " Sith Meister "

    Late congratz Sith! Happy birthday! :jumpclap
  4. Gunvald of Monria

    Sweat Circle Photos - June 2019

    Too bad i missed it. Hopefully this will happend again! While i am around! :thumbsup
  5. Gunvald of Monria


    Welcome back to EU Bunny! I dont know you, but what little i know about "old timers". It's great to have you join back in the ranks! :hi
  6. Gunvald of Monria

    I am buying some things in monria.

    Hope you find what you are looking for mate! Goodluck! :D
  7. Gunvald of Monria

    Say hello to the newest member .

    Congratulations! :highfive
  8. Gunvald of Monria

    Monria | Elder Gods Revealed | Join Their Fight | Saturday, May 18th

    My guess will be 1119. GL to everyone! :thumbsup
  9. Gunvald of Monria

    Sweat Circle

    Indeed it was a nice experience! Hope this will be the thing in future. :aok
  10. Gunvald of Monria

    I'm New To forums but not to game the names: 'Noyce'

    Good to have you onboard at the forums Noyce! :hi
  11. Gunvald of Monria

    Monria VU 4.2 - The Order of the Elder Gods

    It's not a easy or "fast", task/feat to obtain chapters. I have killed roughly 30k L2 Shoggoths and havent seen chapter 1 yet. So yeah to me it's very very rare drop. :D GL with the hunting and never give up! :shooting
  12. Gunvald of Monria

    DME ... Wed, 5/1/19 ... mostly MIA

    Agree with Shadow rest and chill :thumbsup Worst thing that can happend without you is that world will fall a part without you pew pewing those Cultist. :D
  13. Gunvald of Monria

    Jerkiness when trying to move in the Hub

    Yep. Sadly can confirm jerkiness... Not that i would have fell from 3th floor :D
  14. Gunvald of Monria

    Monria | A Surprising Kipling/Core Connection | PDF Book

    Yes i did have time to read this one aswell today :p I appriciate the work/love you guys have put into these books. Keep up the good work and thank you all! :)
  15. Gunvald of Monria

    Monria | Monria Discovered / The Beginning | PDF Book

    Thank you all for sharing this part of the story/lore! Love the bookcovers! :thumbsup I can see it. :p Back to :reading
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