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  1. ImpnAintEasy

    Yogs and Dunwich Horror

    I only had a quick general question do yogs regen, and mostly this is based towards The Dunwich Horror. Does it regen and do we know at what rate? Thanks Imp
  2. ImpnAintEasy

    Imp Did What?

    Honest question for next time for everyone, go with a script or play it by ear like this one?
  3. ImpnAintEasy

    Imp Did What?

    Wanted to post this here first before PCF
  4. ImpnAintEasy

    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    Kaffash Rank 7 was the same as Rank 6 0.9000 skill set 1
  5. ImpnAintEasy

    1 thread 2 posts

    First, after talking to some crafters we have come to wonder if Monria Boxing Glove L bps still drop or not? Or if they only drop on Monria now. The same for other Monrian component bps UL , Dsec bps seem to drop on caly as proved earlier today from another crafter. Second, buying Monria...
  6. ImpnAintEasy

    Monria taming question

    So its been a few years and I have forgotten alot. Could someone tell me what whips are generally used to tame normal Yog hatchlings, normal green Leprechauns. Then to expand on that the more rare pets, like the Yog Horror, and the rarer Leprechauns. Oh and possible the taming level needed if...
  7. ImpnAintEasy

    The Order of the Elder Gods | 4 Chapters Mission

    Here is how random and unique it is lol, and as you can guess I never really hunted shogs often except for random fun. Anyways working on chapter 3 myself and it might be a while :p
  8. ImpnAintEasy

    If you like BossWaves - Fri 5th Feb - Assemble an army!

    I am intrigued, hopefully I can find some time to check this out. GJ guys
  9. ImpnAintEasy

    Semi new Toulan Furniture BP

    History only shows 8 sold in Market ever, I looted this from a Basic Butt Joint BP
  10. ImpnAintEasy

    Butt Joint?

    Looted just now
  11. ImpnAintEasy

    Tree Spawns

    For the most part small and large tree spawn rates are fine, though there are many wooded areas that have no harvestable trees. My main reason for this thread is that "HUGE" tree spawns are very very rare compared to what I have seen on Caly. Now I know I have been away for a few years but I...
  12. ImpnAintEasy

    Any good forest to cut on Toulan?

    Huge trees are not a myth!!! I found 1... in two hours lol. But as said there are trees all over Toulan and after just a short time I have found tons of spawns.
  13. ImpnAintEasy

    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    TabTab Rank 1 = 0.0062 // Skill Set 1 Rank 2 = 0.0125 // Skill Set 1 Rank 3 = 0.0117 // Skill Set 2 Rank 4 = 0.0156 // Skill Set 2 Rank 5 = 0.0117 // Skill Set 3 Rank 6 = 0.0500 // Skill Set 1 Rank 7 = 0.0625 // Skill Set 1 Rank 8 = 0.0468 // Skill Set 2 Rank 9 = 0.0546 //...
  14. ImpnAintEasy

    Random trick about flying to toulan

    From the Toulan Space Station, it is about twice as fast to go due north to land on Toulan vs. flying east towards the planet you see in the sky. Just a random tip :p GZ Ant and the VS team =)
  15. ImpnAintEasy

    Selling Monria Apartment

    My shop test is officially over and it was a great test!!!! I will be back once I have secured a shop. so currently I have Cthylla Tower Floor 8, Suite #1 for sale, BO is 1850 obo , sale to Monria Born is 1750. PM in game or shoutout for me in Monria or MonriaTrade ###I'LLBEBACK
  16. ImpnAintEasy

    Monria | 2018 Halloween Event | Just Your Usual Suspects

    420 globals and please register the team name. NVE does Monria
  17. ImpnAintEasy

    Monria | 12 Hr Yog Endurance Event | Saturday - Sep 15th

    1337 globals. And team name. Nve does monria
  18. ImpnAintEasy

    New Forum Server

    Nice man! I'm on my phone and it loaded super fast! So glad this is done my streams are always during that backup period lol. Well done!
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