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    Happy Birthday DME

    Yay! Happy Leveling Up Day! Wohooo!!! Have a great one *hug*
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    My Condolences

    My most sincere and heartfelt condolences for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II of England. Though I am American, Her reign inspired me. I find myself greatly saddened by the lost and can not imagine how others from Her homeland feel. *hug* If you have need feel free to reach out...
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    Zokaraneus (Yogs) | Mob Level / HP / Loot / Other Data

    pls add Interactive Simplifier Component, Socket 2 Component, Paint Can (Brown) to the list
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    Zokaraneus (Yogs) | Mob Level / HP / Loot / Other Data

    I will go hunt these guys this afternoon and get you a list of loots. And, I need to test more but think they are Pen and Burn damage. If anyone else can confirm I would be happy. GK
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    DSEC-9 | Mountain of Madness Dynamic Events | ALERT

    I am not sure how these things work with patches and VU. Do we have a rough guess of how long they will be down? GK
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    Mission teleported me into a wall

    When going out for the second batch of mushrooms for the Old man you are directed to a tree stump with a symbol on it, after you collect the 5 mushrooms you are after. When you click on it it teleports you to the cave mouth I think, It teleported me into the wall near the entrance to the...
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    DSEC-9 | Final Map Section | Road to the Reveal

    well we have an NPC that looks like a Cultist and a Shub mixed, maybe this nightmarish hoof belongs to a similar mob mashup? GK
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    Lotus Invader

    a lvl 9 dropped [Animal Pancreas Oil] today GK
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    oops srry to forget to respond. yup. UL GK
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    Dsec Wood Gathering Resources

    People have been asking me about more Tree locations in DSEC and around the Lotus temple. I couldnt seem to find the right place for this but thought I would put it out here and see if anyone has tips for others on the subject. GK
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    [Regeneration Chip 3] dropped today GK
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    VU 22.2 | A CorBite Opportunity

    I just reread what you wrote with the posted pictures again and was coming to delete my ooops GK
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    VU 22.2 | A CorBite Opportunity

    should i post info here for the BPs when and if i get it, or create a new thread on the BP section? GK
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    VU 22.2 | A CorBite Opportunity

    I dont see completed versions of all the BP from The Carpenters Daily Deal anywhere. I looked under Toulan Items, and Toulan Blueprints. I dont know what anything looks like so I dont know what to take as the reward! *eep* Any where I can find them for future reference? G.K.
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    Ideas for a month long event

    because the globals would be a point system and that system is partially based on the players skill and not arandom number matching system I dont think that there would be a problem with this. is it MsPudding? or some name similar to that? she runs a jackpot that is based on globals. let me see...
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    Sunjoq | Mob Locations

    youngs and matures together around [Planet Toulan, 132626, 94525, 206, Waypoint] will verify and get better wp soon GK
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    odd rubber banding at Citadel

    ill try and attatch a short video clip
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    cant we remove the acid from the damage types? as per gk
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    Qaffaz Daily

    Ditto. The Ears agree. GK
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