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  1. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    I can't wait for this crazy weekend!! :D) my guess: 3173 :)
  2. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Scuba Shubs Adventure

    :shooting ... they learn ... they adapt ...
  3. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria | Happy Birthday "Anthony Gray Stark"

    A little late but nevet too late! Happy B-Day mate! o7
  4. Sholle Von Cartiz

    OMG ... I found the coat I wanted to go with the Rutuba

    hey DME! nice new look! Fits you perfect! Kaz Farstar she is making some awesome clothes. Remember 2 years ago I won 2nd place in St Patricks Fashion Completions?! >That was her design< ;)
  5. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | RESULTS

    wow Congrats to all Winners! I am so happy to see Tanashi (hope he is our TKoE Tanashi) won an apartment WOW man GZ! :)
  6. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria 2018 | St Patrick's Day Event | Blow Your Mind 2.0

    2nd hunting TKoE Team Name: Monria TKoE Opalo Lunatics Leader: Sholle Von Cartiz to TKoE members: Polish your Opalo gun or TT gun, we will do like in old days :) register on our forum pls/
  7. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Issue with Monria Broadcasters

    am I the only one who like those chanting ritual sounds?! .."adeo mi ex axtrum...adeo mi ex abistrus...adeo mi shollexus" :P
  8. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | Yog Valentine Distraction

    I wish to be over 1k so someone win that apartment but I will put my bet on 458 globals GL to all
  9. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Joyfull seasons :D

    Happy Holidays to you too mate o7
  10. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Von's Shop Booth

    Christmas BUMP UP and I edited and added some items in first post! Check our soc shop! ;)
  11. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Santa Claus visits Monria!

    Ant, I love how u decorate Monria! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Monrians, TKoE members that I love and all gamers around the World :)
  12. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day Event | The Video

    awesome video , GZ Anny on award :)
  13. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Graduate on Monria

    voted and I like the idea for new players that can be interesting, even I cant take part on this, I am supporting this idea :)
  14. Sholle Von Cartiz


    welcome on Monria o/
  15. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria | The Yama Chronicles | Yama Mama

    Helli in space!? lol nice video!
  16. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day

    just a few pics that i want to share from 2 days event Mining Hunting
  17. Sholle Von Cartiz

    Monria 2017 | St Patrick's Day (blow your mind) Event

    amazing screenshots Anny! espacialy the pic #5.... bold guy in Knight Armor fighting Shub :) .... that's ME! ;) also would like to give big rep to DME! she was fabulous with all organization and coordination of event! Ant and rest of Monria stuff.. awesome job guys! I enjoyed the 2 days a lot...
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