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    Corbite tasks / Prove your worth

    Every day when turning in Prove your worth mission, your Corbite tasks resets. We should be able to confirm reset to avoid this issue.
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    Apartment H (S) - Floor 2 - (SOLD)

    Taking offers on Nahar Towers Apartment H (S) - Floor 2 pm here or ingame
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    Further Mission Requirements For The Crossover Chain.

    how do you convert damaged rams to normal?
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    Missing High level Wahesh

    High level Wahesh seem to be missing. Only small level in lake and scarce. The small are to few also. Sometimes a cluster of 3 or 4 and then swim a lot to find some again.
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    Monria Apartment

    hi, Cthulhu Towers 6 A :)
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    Monria Apartment

    Got one. Closed offer :)
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    Monria | 2020 St Patrick's Day Event | Yog-Sothoth has the Necronomicon

    Team: Tusalusa Monria Party Leader: R4 1M 31
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    Monria Valentines Event | Shubs Need a Human Sacrifice | Sat, Feb 15th

    I lke to win a lot but I don't take other players prizes. There's a bigger yog than mine. He's the real winner. :)
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    Monria Apartment

    Thanks, it would be really nice to be part of the community :)
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    Monria Apartment

    Looking to buy an apartment at reasonable price pm me R4 1M 31
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    Monria | Halloween Event | Oct 26th | Grimoire in Wrong Hands !!

    666 (I'll get it right one day :))
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    Monria Event | In Search of the Grimoire | Saturday - Sep 14th

    Register: TusaLusa Monria Party Leader R4 1M 31
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    Monria | Elder Gods Revealed | Join Their Fight | Saturday, May 18th

    Please register: TusaLusa Monria Party Leader: Phaser Phaser Chaos
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