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  1. Miles Stardust


    Not a detailed suggestion - more of a question: A player asked if there was woodcutting on Toulan - there is not. Is there any consideration being given to implementing it, or some version of it? Peace, Miles
  2. Miles Stardust

    Visual Issues with Terrain and Environment

    This thread is to collect visual bugs. I will add my personal list now, and add screenshots of them later. Feel free to include other on-topic issues of your own. Boxy Clouds over Temple - The cloud bank that forever hangs over the temple, when viewed from some distances, appear to be cubes. Up...
  3. Miles Stardust


    New to the forum - old baggage from Toulan :) I've been active in EU since 2007 and my history with Toulan began on the day it was 'discovered' in 2014. I stayed for so long that it was undeniably my home by the time I finally left, and then only for quick trips to Calypso. As the loot...
  4. Miles Stardust

    Quwa Missions after Codex

    We will have Toulan mobs in the Codex soon? On Calypso the Iron Missions are supposed to close for good sometime this fall. How long will we have to work on Quwa Missions after the introduction of the Codex for Toulan? Will that deadline also apply to Toulan, or will there be a planet...
  5. Miles Stardust

    My Second Tower

    Well, this happened: My second ever mining tower, and my second biggest loot ever, at 6418 PED. Both were here on Toulan :D This was also with a Sabad Finder M2, which I crafted, but this time with just a Level 5(L) amp. Just like the first one, Entropia Life Tracker will not register it...
  6. Miles Stardust

    Toulan melee weapons and amps

    I have tried a level 1 amp on at least one weapon in the following crafted lines Samm Twins = Not accepted Asl's = Not accepted Thaqafa M's = Not accepted Turarths M's = Not accepted BirdofPrey's = YES! Qataal's = unknown Please make sure all of the Toulan melee lines can be amped. No market...
  7. Miles Stardust

    Baydar Card Part (Center)

    Hi, I am unable to add this mission, despite repeated attempts. I had another avatar tell me just now that he could not add the exact same mission. I tried again after completing the Shamsdar part missions, so it's not just maxing out at 8 missions, and I was able to re-add the Shamsdar...
  8. Miles Stardust

    Blue Print Names for (L) Items

    Reading Eleni's comment about the Finder BP's reminded me of this widespread Toulan BP problem: Example: Asl Smash Blueprint should be Asl Smash (L) Blueprint There are a ton of Toulan BP's that appear to be for UL items, but of course they are not. BP's should follow the EU naming convention...
  9. Miles Stardust

    Dahkim G2(L)

    Not the most exciting gun, a level 4 BLP Pistol, but an interesting discovery all the same. The Dahkim G4/5/6 line was listed in release notes, and the G5 and G6 have both been discovered. I have never seen any mention of lower level Dahkim pistols. The other distinction is that the G2 has much...
  10. Miles Stardust

    864 Qasdeer

    This was fun! (F-105 Finder, no Amp)
  11. Miles Stardust

    Postcards from Toulan

    because sometimes I have to stop and take a picture (same as always, the pictures fail to capture the fullness of the scene). Please post yours, if you like :) Cheers, Miles
  12. Miles Stardust

    Quwa Reward Figures - none for Qaffaz, etc.

    Hi Mohammed, With VU 14.7 release notes was this item: New Action Figure Rewards for all Quwa Challenges. The following Action Figures have been found so far: Item Avatar Time Stamp Caboria Figure Eleni Von Estlla Sun, 01 May 2016 18:01:23 Mokhat Figure Eleni Von Estlla Thu, 07 Apr...
  13. Miles Stardust

    Walking through trees, etc.

    A recent terrain optimization update has made all trees and other landscape details non-contact objects - just walk right through them. Many years ago, prior to the switch to CryEngine, this was how all of Entropia Universe was. There have been massive improvements to the platform that have made...
  14. Miles Stardust

    Happy Birthday Toulan!

    February 19, 2014 - A new planet was discovered within Entropia Universe. I'd never been on a planet on day 1, and I was curious. I missed the initial starter mission, so I just started exploring. Loot was nothing but ammo and animal oils, and while the architecture was (and remains)...
  15. Miles Stardust

    Badaya Armor

    I have a full set of Bedaya now: Protection is 7 Cut, 7 Stab, 7 Pen Full Set TT is 48ped Durability is 20,000 Cheers, Miles
  16. Miles Stardust

    Motamared (M,C) - Complete

    Full Motamared Outfit with all Toulan textures: Textures are: Nahar Mist - yellow Arabesque - patterned print Aqeeq - brown Sweet Glow - on the soles of the shoes, for Nawa radiation protection ;) No coloring (paint) has been applied to this outfit. The sword is a Twin Fate (L) Cheers...
  17. Miles Stardust

    Join the Al-Nahar Wanderers - A Toulan based society.

    I have been active in Entropia Universe since 2007, and I've been on Toulan almost exclusively since the day of discovery. Creating the Al-Nahar Wanderers is my way to share my appreciation for Toulan with others and create a more stable and welcoming environment for all players new to Toulan...
  18. Miles Stardust

    Toulon Armor Sets for Sale

    Hi, If you are looking for Complete, Full TT, Toulan Limited Armor Sets please contact me. Currently in stock: Heran(L) female 1 set (tt+7) male 2 sets (tt+10) Rifi(L) female 1 set (tt+7) male 2 sets (tt+10) Zeref(L) still waiting for some of the parts to drop.......... Cheers, Miles
  19. Miles Stardust

    Woot! My First Mining Tower (ever)

    Claim Size XXIII (Rich) 7112ped Zircon :D I used a Sabad Finder M2(L) that I crafted myself, with an imported Class-D amplifier. Cheers! Miles
  20. Miles Stardust

    New Weapon: Asl Smash

    I've discovered another one. This is a level 42, one-handed club with max damage of 71, and 56 attacks per min (from a level V BP). Contact me if you are interesting purchasing some of these. Cheers, Miles
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