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  1. Me Really Never

    Repeatable missions

    Hey there, i got another suggestion. As i soon finished the Qaffaz Stage 5 i was thinking that it would be nice if the latest mission stage would be repeatable, like it is on ark or monria. that would give some more longterm motivation as qaffaz is my favorite mob and when i dont have a mission...
  2. Me Really Never

    Shops / apartments

    id like to know when / if there will be shops or apartments on toulan. im quite sure that it would atract a lot of players. maybe even put the deeds in as rare loot in the instances. thatd be cool!
  3. Me Really Never

    TabTab Hide Drop Frequency

    Since one of the latest updates the TabTab Hides barely drop anymore while nearly every TabTab dropped one before. Is this intentional?
  4. Me Really Never

    Swords not ampable

    Im not sure if this is intended or not but it seems the Swords on Toulan are not ampable like the ones on ancient greece are not ampable as well. but the ancient greece ones have an eco which shows that it doesnt matter that they are not ampable but the toulan ones eco shows that it should be...
  5. Me Really Never

    Problem with Display Area in Apartment

    I got a Problem with my Display Area in my Apartment, or maybe i am misunderstanding what exactly the Display Area is... I thought the Display Area in Apartments is just the hallway at the entrance, as it only got 10 Item Points. But it seems that in the two rooms, left and right from entrance...
  6. Me Really Never

    Anyone has done a Sunjoq mission yet?

    did anyone finish stage 1 of sunjoq yet? its 5k kills iirc... would be interested to see how many stages / how many kills there are for next stages... could be more like argo on total incl. bronze challenge if it rises like the other challenges
  7. Me Really Never

    Thanks for Qandil

    Just wanne say thanks for that Qandil Present Item. I, for myself, have no use for decorative items so i sold it on caly auction. I did set a ridicolous high BO of 100 peds and it took 2 days to have it sold for that BO amount :O So Thank you for free 100 PED :D
  8. Me Really Never

    High Level Bps

    Hey, a lil question. Are these level 9 bps and similar allready implemented? like qataar gutopen and birdofprey and so on?
  9. Me Really Never

    New Loot

    Hey there... is there finally some UL gear up to loot or new weapons or armors or anything with this VU? I like the planet but without having the opportunity to loot something actually worth grinding for its allways just a short visit for me... If there would be known to be UL weapons in loot...
  10. Me Really Never

    UL weapons

    Is it possible to loot (ofc extremely rarely) unlimited weapons like salafa or so or maybe unlimited armor parts? Or are there only limited ones in the loot pool?
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