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  1. Alya Drarh

    Cthulhu Tower, Shop #3 - Inventory List

    The following inventory is available at Cthulhu Tower, Shop 3 ... CURRENT INVENTORY LIST (as of 9/7/20) @ (SHOPKEEPER - INSIDE) *Monria Boxing Gloves 12oz Lightweight (F,L) * 3 pair available *Rage 20 (L) * *Refrigerator - Classic (C) * colored in olive to fit your 70s retro kitchen *Shoji...
  2. Alya Drarh

    Monria Volunteer Mentor | Alya Alya Drarh

    Game Experience. I joined in 2017, born on Calypso. I have since played nearly every day exploring the EU universe and engaging in all kinds of EU activities. I love to hunt (my strongest overall skills relate to hunting), craft, mine, tame, texture and paint, and more. I have shops for which I...
  3. Alya Drarh


    Hi all, I am a new Monria resident, visited and decided I liked it here and bought a place. I look forward spending time with y'all. Alya
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