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  1. Phobos

    1368 ped Yashib Stone

    Lev 2 terra 4 Thank so much Toulan, Love the planet and all its mobs !!
  2. Phobos

    TabTab Not unlocking passive skills effects

    I have a Lev 15 TabTab, and been trying to figure out to unlock its passive effects. I have the required animal essence in inventory and he is past lev 14 and the required ped also. So I do think its bugged. Thanks
  3. Phobos

    Land Deeds? Come on!

    :winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged:winged So I was thinking , everyone is getting on the Land Deed kick at the moment. What about Monria? I don't want to invest in Ark Underground or Calypso ok. :squiggle Thoughts..?
  4. Phobos

    Phobos global teh Hof Theard :)

    My biggest yet 2374 Vast Of growth! I was doing the happy dance ! unamped and lev 9 just broke before it happened :) Thanks Monria I love you lol.
  5. Phobos

    Modec VXT 700 (L) tier hof & global lyst

    Hello , everyone I have to say I had a great time visiting Monria! I looted a the Vxt and went to town with it :). And globed some lyst the same day unamped. :)) Thx!
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