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  1. Leent

    MINI SAGE III Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza Monria 23rd of October 2021

    Hello :D Would like to join as well Joy Leent Wellborn
  2. Leent

    VCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    Welcome, T-3 :)
  3. Leent

    DSEC-9 Mobs Project

    /wp [DSEC - 9 , 33419, 19382, 107, Waypoint] (for some reason it doesn't wants to create wp) So it's here:
  4. Leent

    DSEC-9 | Suggestions / Feedback

    Drop rate is at MA’s hands If we will remember what happened with gorgon set, there is no need to panic All will be good, just need some patience
  5. Leent

    DSEC-9 Mobs Project

    Looted from low Bots CB (CB-01 - CB-03) [Damaged Ram 4GB] [Diluted Cloth Extractor] [Basic Leather Extractor] [Superior Cloth Extractor] [Paint Can (Yellow)] [Paint Can (Steel Blue)] [Socket 1 Component] [Tier 1 Component] [High Speed Control Component] [Focus Lens Component]
  6. Leent

    DSEC-9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    Wanted to ask: Toulan Dahhar's defense profession is evade DSEC-9 Talus DHR (at least prototype's) defence profession is dodge i was curious if it was intended, or if it wasnt and it's a bug
  7. Leent

    DSEC-9 Bug Reports | General Discussion

    Looks like there are some server issues I've got a everything lagged for a few times After understanding that everything lags i relog and was trying to login for like 15+ mins every times (happened 3 ish times) I enter my 2nd auth code -> timeout -> again 2 times it said that server is...
  8. Leent

    DSEC-9 | Suggestions / Feedback

    Hello! I would like to say that im amazed with this expantion! And im really happy that Monria is growing, and that's only beggining! But uh... i wanted to make a little suggetion... i would love to see a little smaller agro range on Bot CB mob... They can surround me in seconds....
  9. Leent

    DSEC-9 Mobs Project

    Damage types are irrelevant, my tests were incomplete Bots CB defensive skill: evade scanning skill: [System]: You have gained 0.8573 experience in your Scan Robot skill / robot investigator dmg types: looks like 100% electric, because musca + [Imperium Armor Plating I] havent decayed at all...
  10. Leent

    Change in CotS Leadership

    Oh, hope everything is alright. Wish you all the best! And gratz, Kingu!
  11. Leent

    Make even more diamonds!

    Omg, that’s huggeeee! Congratz!!
  12. Leent

    Epic mission chain + other stuffs

    I don’t want it as well. Said only because otherwise my idea is too insane.
  13. Leent

    Epic mission chain + other stuffs

    I guess it’s too much, but I would like see, as Hally mentioned, some kind of upgradeable weapons. For example you can choose between several weapons types, like Sword/Powerfist/Laser/Blp and grind some Toulan resources. 1st “Tier” might be able to hunt low lvl mobs like tabtabs, and it’s needed...
  14. Leent

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello, buddy! Welcome, glad you joined :D
  15. Leent

    This will be a day of reflection ...

    Im so sorry to hear it, so hard to hear it My condolences, DME I can't find any word i can say.... Take care, and be sure we are all always there to assist you with anything we can
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  17. Leent

    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    Add your full ingame name as well, please.
  18. Leent

    DME Availability

    I understand LS, it's hard to find the right word hearing it. You have done a lot for the most of us, and, as Eleni said, we are ready to help you with anything we can. Take care about you family and yourself, nothing else is as important.
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