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    EP1 crafting return benefit should not be stopped

    i have been crafting ep1 for a while 110% tt return is nothing because of the below: 1- it needs a long crafting session between 6 to 7 hours to get a return and it is not a 110% for that amount of time. 2- to do so you need an ep1 bp that costs 80 90 peds if 1.0 qr and at least lvl 5 mechanical...
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    Ambulimax spawn at fauna and flora center

    could it be possible to make amubulimax spawn at fauna and flora center free to enter to be able to do sweating circles events? if not could it be at least charged once per team for 1 hour?
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    hello, my avatar name is charlie Lbeast bouhayya, i'm here to help people specially at toulan
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    VCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    hello guys i would like to join the team, my ingame name is charlie Lbeast bouhayya, my time zone is gmt+2, i have been in the game for 8 months and i spent 5 months at toulan, looking forward to the new VU release, thank you for you effort guys
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