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    Entropia Universe 15.0 Release Notes

    At landing point on planet, windows 8.1, 32 and 64 bit both do the same thing. I was able to log in on another computer, get a few tab tabs and fly back to space. After that though, I did experience a lot of crashes at the station as well as at Ark later (going into high gfx seems to cause...
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    Entropia Universe 15.0 Release Notes

    I can't stay in game for more than 5 seconds at a time... Arkadia and space were both fine, no crashes. Can't even stay in game long enough to get off the planet.... Have tried repair, restarting, all the "safe" settings I can, no change.
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    vehicles on toulan

    I think it's always been possible to spawn boats. I'm hoping that we'll have more islands to explore, with boat trips between them.
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    Barton's Corridor.

    Good question. Barton's corridor has never had any mobs in it, btw. I think Cyrene still has no mobs in its training grounds. I expect MA will ignore space entirely until after taming and stables are operational.
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    Buying Qasdeer Stones/Ingots

    I mined some today... the cost to mine was about 300%. Most of the toulan minerals tend to be higher cost than "normal" minerals from other planets, so it's a good idea to keep this in mind when calculating your cost to craft and setting prices. There are several reasons for the high price of...
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    Kill 100 Thawr (Repeatable) Snow Stretch

    Same here, I TP'd all around the planet and couldn't find any youngs. However, their stats are over at entropiaplanets so I assume they existed somewhere at some point.
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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 14.2

    Same question here, 1500 clicks on clothes and textures, no BPs at all so far. We know they're craftable, since there are slots for them in the BP book. I assume Toulan is set to only drop Toulan BPs, which can result in a LOT of clicks per BP... also we may just need to burn through enough...
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    Are there high HP low dmg mobs here?

    Not high hp as you would define "high"... at least I haven't seen any. I think the Thawr are the biggest mob I've seen (on the southern island which has the PVP zone, also inside the pvp zone on the east side).
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    Toulan BPs not dropping yet?

    After having two failed attempts of that so far... I'm going to wait until I see the discoveries start before trying again. So yes, it's a good idea for you to be the guinea pig :)
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    Forum Moderator(s), time to act!

    A human is probably signing each account up, then the account goes wild with hundreds of posts about viagra. I recommend what the Ark forum has done, they have had problems with spam in the past too. They may do more behind the scenes that I don't know about (you could talk to Snape or Van)...
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    Attention: You still spawn in lootable PvP entering space

    There is always a small chance you will spawn in lootable, even when things are working properly, so keep that in mind when choosing to fly up or be summoned.
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    Hunting Loot only around 4 types / Crafing no BP's dropping?

    Blueprints still not dropping. About 2500 clicks, no BPs at all, armor, tools, weapons. Can you confirm that they have indeed been put into the loot? Only component BPs appear to be dropping. Please get in touch with Mindark. If you have submitted the BP plans to them they can add them to loot...
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    BP issues

    So all these bps are misclassified as armor bps which means they won't drop from crafting tools or weapons. Rather disappointing, I didn't have the foresight to collect all ARMOR mats to look for tools and weapons! Next patch is not for a month. :mad: Any possibility this can be patched in an...
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    So who are THIS planets "Pioneers"?

    You could use LBML for that.
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    PATCH.. when?

    This would be fine for old crafters who already have their universal BP books full. But if you're trying to help new Toulan players get into crafting, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to send them to another planet to collect the basic bps, especially if the universal BP uses the minerals...
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    Toulan BPs not dropping yet?

    Component BPs are dropping now but I was not able to get a weapon bp to drop after about 1.5k clicks last night. I also tried some clothes but only had 300 clicks of that so not conclusive there.
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    Glad to see you finally made it to EU

    Just fly north from the station and you will land on the planet.
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    How much servers

    I think they did a really good job packing in a LOT of scenery into one server. Good move... don't let the population get spread out too thin until you're ready to expand. That keeps costs down too. The lack of vehicles also makes it feel bigger. Speaking of future expansion, it looks to me like...
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    First Mining Impression after Landing on Toulan

    Unless it's a balancing issue, it's more a matter of the devs putting more minerals on the map. Lyst and oil are the defaults you get when no other minerals fulfil the requirements (depth, MA throttling, etc). So the first thing I would check is if the map has actually been completely covered by...
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