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  1. Littlestar b-k

    Information for Entropia Universe 17.22.1 patch

    Toulan Creatures? I gues they mean Dsec?
  2. Littlestar b-k

    Vigilante armor set (F)

    Make an offer. Here or in the game.
  3. Littlestar b-k

    hunting return log

    As of today my vigi +5b got retired and i'm using an adjusted baraka set + cuhof 01 plates.
  4. Littlestar b-k

    2023 Goals

    Deal came true . Baraka set 7/7 Aquire 7 Taqwa 7/7 This means i have a full adjusted Baraka set. Unlock killstrike. lvl 77/80 78/80
  5. Littlestar b-k

    VU 23.3 | The Sound of DSEC

    The kill 150 khaffash and get 30 frags confirmed and working. Sunjoq stalkers at this wp [Planet Toulan, 135059, 92775, 130, Waypoint] get stuck alot on those bushes.
  6. Littlestar b-k

    CUHOF - shopkeeper looted

    Gratzz , that is a nice find. I haven't heard of one dropping on Toulan until now. If you mean the door near npc modarra its is most likey intented to be the armor cuhof entrance.
  7. Littlestar b-k

    DME Availability

    Hopefully it won't be to bad. Wish you well.
  8. Littlestar b-k

    Toulan Monthly Event | Fri, Aug 25th - Sun, Aug 27th

    There are 103 pages to be discovered for the ‘Book of Life.' Each Page can be exchanged for a particular estate deed. The description of the item will reference the individual estate deed that it can be exchanged for. 69 pages have been looted/bought. 11 according to your post still on the...
  9. Littlestar b-k

    Toulan Daily missions Rewards

    That is correct.
  10. Littlestar b-k

    2023 Goals

    Those goals will keep you busy for sure. Best of luck to you. :)
  11. Littlestar b-k

    2023 Goals

    I looted my helm in cuhof 02 yesterday. I have someone who wants to trade the M arms i have for the female version. If this deal happens i'll have a full baraka armor finally. Now i just need more taqwa.
  12. Littlestar b-k

    hunting return log

    May/June/July 4.738,28 ped repairs and ammo 4.032,18 ped loot Return : 85.09% Did not play alot during these months but man is that a crappy return.
  13. Littlestar b-k

    2023 Goals

    I do. But i don't plan on buying one.
  14. Littlestar b-k

    2023 Goals

    Unreal tokens 10/100 -> 30/100 Aquire Taqwa 0/7 -> 2/7
  15. Littlestar b-k

    Toulan Monthly Event | Dec 17 - 19 | Toulan Citizenship Now Available

    I finished it with a little over 22K in ammo and repairs. You can check my hunting log if you want to know it to the pec. The first 4 montly event numbers are what i needed to complete it. I have heard and read anything between alot less if your just make 1 shot at at mobs being killed by...
  16. Littlestar b-k

    WTB Baraka (M) armor pieces

    Looked it up. 13/10\2022 i looted the 2 baraka.
  17. Littlestar b-k

    WTB Baraka (M) armor pieces

    Probably. It is a very rare drop that i know. In all the cuhofs i have done i've looted 2 parts out of the same chest in a cuhof 5. So it's possible to get lucky too. :p
  18. Littlestar b-k

    WTB Baraka (M) armor pieces

    I have M arms. I'm only trading them for the F version tho. Just to give you an extra option should you find a way to get the F version.
  19. Littlestar b-k

    Guide to CUHOF instances

    1. You get around 80% tt-return in Cuhof longterm unles something changed in the last 3ish months. 2. No idea :( 3. I don't think so. It's more a min max setting of amount of loot imo. (not verified just my toughts) Also you don't get any looter skills in cuhof or any similar instance. The...
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