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  1. Dea

    Monria Monthly Event | Saturday - August 19th

    Team Name: Deus Vult Monria Team Leader: Dea Kali Devi
  2. Dea

    Happy Birthday | " Kendra "

    Happy Birthday Kendra :)
  3. Dea

    Yamato | Tour

    A guide to help people get from revive to the hangar is on my to-do list :)
  4. Dea

    Yamato | Tour

    Here is a tour of the Yamato mothership's repair points. There are four repair points on a mothership. They are called HH, PP, RR, and CC for the Hangar, Propulsion, Reactor, and Command Center. Starting from the Hangar: Back to the Hangar to travel to the rest of the repair points...
  5. Dea

    Travel to and from DSEC-9 from Monria/Toulan

    I was thinking about the tickets. But if you're thinking about free/easy to get tickets that's still just TP'ing and bypassing space.
  6. Dea

    Travel to and from DSEC-9 from Monria/Toulan

    That would still cause an issue with space travel as well as new players tying to get to MoM.
  7. Dea

    Repair Run Schedule

    It's being worked on. It will be in Monrian space and crew members provide their own trasportation to Monria or travel on the Yamato the Friday before.
  8. Dea

    Repair Run Schedule

    I am in ALL THE PLACES
  9. Dea

    Repair Run Schedule

    Schedule updated for Novermber
  10. Dea

    Elder Gods Suit Revision

    Here you go!
  11. Dea

    Personal Alert | In the Path of Hurricane Ian

    Evacuation MEANS evacuation and not wait and see if a neighbor flies through the window and into your lap ;)
  12. Dea

    Repair Run Schedule

    Run schedules for the rest of 2022 put in a fancy pants table!
  13. Dea

    DSEC-9 | Final Map Section | Road to the Reveal

    Siblings of Cubby the Shultist?
  14. Dea

    Repair Run Schedule

    5tt wire and 1 RK-0 to be safe :)
  15. Dea

    Repair Run Schedule

    Date ... // ... Time Saturday, September 3rd 1200 - 2300 Saturday, September 17th 1200 - 2300 Saturday, October 1st 1200 - 2300 Saturday, October 8th 1200 - 2300 Saturday, October 22nd 1200 - 2300 Saturday, November 5th 1200 - 2300 Saturday, November 12th 1200...
  16. Dea

    Repair Skilling Program // 2022

    Hello everyone, Welcome to the 2022 reboot of the Yamato Repair Skilling Program! To start, the runs will be in Monria space every non-event Saturday. There will be announcements 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes before the runs and periodic announcements during the runs. PLEASE NOTE...
  17. Dea


    YAMATO REPAIR SKILLING | GENERAL GUIDELINES During the course of a repair skilling run, there are general guidelines to keep in mind that would be helpful in facilitating a smooth session. The YRSP Pilots are there to guide you through each session and what would work best, so it's of...
  18. Dea

    Community Assistance

    After landing and heading to DSEC Forensics, I discovered someone looking lost and frustrated. "WHY WON'T ANYONE HELP ME?" she screamed while disembowling yet another member of the community. "What do you need help with?" I asked, wondering if I would need to drop the Yamato on her head to...
  19. Dea

    Dahhar Young have been replaced by Juveniles

    They even knocked my sleip over! Though it is green, so maybe they thought it was a potential mate.
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