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    Otis Commander team Sun April 30 1500 game time

    Ledja and I need to do Otis Commander Planning it at 1500 in-game time, Asking for as much help as possible with this the more the merrier, and a faster kill. So make plans for the fun
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    Looking for OTIS Commander Team | Sat, Apr 15th

    On April 15th at approximately 18:00 game time, we will need the help of all available players to conquer the OTIS Commander for the DSEC-9/Toulan crossover mission. Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.
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    Monria 2023 | St Patrick's Day Event | Necronomicon Even More Dangerous

    please register SPARTANS on Monria Team Leader boa crusher snake
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    Monria Event | Sat, Jan 14th | We Can't Become Complacent

    Team name Spartans on Monria Team Leader boa crusher snake
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    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    boa crusher snake please add me as a paying customer
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    Monria Mob Photo Collage

    WOW those look so sharp well done there
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