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  1. sidekick069

    Happy Birthday DME

    Yes....... Happy Leveling up day DME
  2. sidekick069

    Virtualsense Quarterly | June 2023

    Awesome read and thanks for including me as a part of it all. Hopefully many more years to play!
  3. sidekick069

    shop next to pub

    went into check out shop next to pub. Went up the stairs to look around and when I went out top door I fell half way thru and got stuck in the wall.
  4. sidekick069

    Happy Birthday DME

    Said happy birthday elsewhere but I will say it again, Happy birthday DME
  5. sidekick069

    missing big stuff

    ok as I am sitting watching the misc they slowly appeared. Now if I can find the missing 5.4k ped from card
  6. sidekick069

    missing big stuff

    I checked everywhere for laptop. I relogged a bunch of times and traveled from monria to dsec-9 a couple of times. I did live chat and looked at my items and not showing there. I put in support case.
  7. sidekick069

    missing big stuff

    since the patch this morning I am missing laptop and over 5k ped on my card. HELP!!!!!
  8. sidekick069


    I just finished all 25 codex on them and only got 51 hides seems a bit low since I usually got 1k per 100 kills a couple yrs ago
  9. sidekick069

    A thought

    It would be awesome if Caly had an explosion like when Hadenshime blew up, and the power of explosion would blow Monria out of orbit and fly towards Toulan. When it gets close to Toulan the gravity would put it into orbit there.
  10. sidekick069

    Shop Doors

    It seems that if you try to enter shops in 3rd party view you just go into blackness unless you know to turn left. Heidi had this problem today. Maybe some way to make hallway into shops a bit bigger so people don't get lost thinking they cannot enter them. 1st party view seems to be ok.
  11. sidekick069

    Launching Toulan Monthly Event | Guardian Village | Dec 18th - 20th

    Awesome event. Just got shop #9. Cannot share screenshot because it is BMP file and forum tells me BMP is not supported
  12. sidekick069


    new discovery
  13. sidekick069

    Happy 5 Year Anniversary | Monria / Virtualsense Team

    Happy Anniversary I feel like I am getting old!!! 5 years with 15+ OMG lol
  14. sidekick069

    Monria Event | The Message is Very Clear | Sat - Sep 19th

    Grats to all the winners!!!!!
  15. sidekick069

    Happy Birthday DME!

    Happy Birthday DME :happybirthday:happybirthday:happybirthday
  16. sidekick069

    Toulan and Monria - A New Beginning

    Website is awesome, and I especially like the beginning story lol ✌
  17. sidekick069

    Having blue screen issues again ... would like some advice please.

    make sure you use gforce experience to update drivers. Also you can check integrity of install by opening up command prompt in admin mode. type in sfc /scannow and hit enter, it will check files and fix them. Note there is a space between sfc and /scannow. also do disk cleanup to clear any...
  18. sidekick069

    Got another one

    Shubs like me this month
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