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    Caboria location

    what is the location for Caboria Young to Mature on DSEC 9 which I can hunt without armor?
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    Mining Guild Representative | Mining Missions

    What probe dropping equipment should I use for Belkar, Blausariam, Iron, Lysterium? I used tt equipment and f101 but couldn't have much success.
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    Unlocked Blueprint Comprehension

    Just unlocked blueprint comprehension 5 minutes ago doing Monria Crafting Daily mission... Next tagret is lvl 40 in crafting profession...
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    Offering mentorship - 50 PED Reward

    If you want quality mentoring by a player who's been around for over 14 years(since 2007) and discover how to play low spending style gaming then look no further! Mentoring offer Includes: - Advise on all subjects in this game - Teamhunts - Teleporter hunting - Insight in 'hotspots' and...
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    Toulan Daily missions Rewards

    For this mission do I need MK1 Nawacore -
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    Codex Meta

    Has the codex fixed by MA?
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    Monria Daily Crafting Mission

    I have completed this step - After this I got 75 PEC skill reward from Tobie. After this how do I get the daily crafting mission?
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    Hello Toulan!

    Hello sahel See you around
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    hello all

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    hello all

    I just joined this forum. I am a experienced player on Calypso presently but will be flying to Toulon to setup a shop there. Hello everyone
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