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  1. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Does taming a mob count towards its Codex?

    :( they don't count, but I still like the mission.
  2. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Entry Level Weapons for Sweat

    Great program that helps players. I am very pleased to see things like this. I will help in my little ways where I can. :)
  3. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Toulan Monthly Event | Battle Victory Dance Celebration

    💜Very enjoyable. I got me smiling. :jumpclap
  4. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Monria Release Delayed :(

    :yourockAt least you found out there are problems before it was released. Thanks for letting us know. I know you all are working hard on it. Good luck on finding solutions and implementing them. :purpleheart*:bighug*:purpleheart I will take what frustrations I have about it out on mobs.:boxing3...
  5. Crafty Canadian Nana

    DME Finally Gets Her Official Avatar | Feb 9th

    It was fanatasic to see the star over your head. :purplebutterfly:purpleheart:purplebutterfly
  6. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Monria Event | Shubs Have New Valentines Agenda | Sat, Feb 13th

    Congrats to all the winners. I hope you had a good time.
  7. Crafty Canadian Nana

    DME Teleport Log | Wed, Feb 10th

    Love the pics and post. :thumbsup 💜 :purplealien:yourock
  8. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Toulan Beginners Mission Chain | Toulan/Monrian Born Only

    any progress for this or should I put a ticket in for this?
  9. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Toulan Beginners Mission Chain | Toulan/Monrian Born Only

    Thank you .. think i will see if anyone has a bp I can borrow :)
  10. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Is that mission reward correct?

    Some are small but they contain a story line. I like storylines :) Keeps the game interesting.
  11. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Construction Terminal Placement.

    Yes.. a bit.. gets crowded sometimes so it can be hard to highlight terminal to click on instead of a person. :)
  12. Crafty Canadian Nana


    I have a few Yog and Shoggoth items you list. I will try and catch you on Monria at some point. :D
  13. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Toulan Beginners Mission Chain | Toulan/Monrian Born Only

    Is there a mission chain list for those not Monrian or Toulan Born? I had someone ask me about the missions and could not direct them, other then getting the MK-1 as I am still working on the chain for Monrian Born. I would like to be able to help them further with information on missions for...
  14. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Construction Terminal Placement.

    Could the Construction Terminal placements be moved over a few feet. I find that when i try and go to the Storage and Trade Terminals, especially in Guardian Village, it is a pain to get near them without running into others. It gets very crowded at time around the terminals. Perhaps at GV...
  15. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Suggestion - Add a TP to Jelly Zone on Toulan

    I agree. It would be nice to have one there.
  16. Crafty Canadian Nana

    Missing dialog boxes, missing planet lists, missing missions, etc.

    I was having issues also with how things where coming in. I have had some of the same issues. When i run it looks funny, A lot of rubber banding. I tried the tool tab solution and it has working. Everything is coming in better and faster. I am also running properly now. I know some one else who...
  17. Crafty Canadian Nana


    :thumbsup :so cool
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