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  1. Noz

    Monria Beacon Team

    I'm ready whenever. Saturday is probably a better day for me though.
  2. Noz

    Orange paint can

    depends whether you want the Viceroy armour or not. If you do save them as you will need 3000 cans for one of the hand ins. If you are not really interested in Viceroy then sell them on auction. The MU is indeed very nice :)
  3. Noz

    Buying Monrian Plating blueprint

    I have found one. (Thanks Hrothgar)
  4. Noz

    Buying Monrian Plating blueprint

    Can't seem to get one to drop. been crafting for hours and no luck ([System]: Session time: 66:01:24) lol Check your storages see if you have a spare one for me please :)
  5. Noz

    Monria | 12 Hr Yog & Shub Event | Cults Lure Community | Aug 11th

    ok, I will start it off wih a guess of 365
  6. Noz

    Finally completed my Rutuba Armor Set

    gratz :) Hope it works well for you and I don't get the blame if it doesn't lol.
  7. Noz

    Monria gives me my first tower in Entropia

    Hit in the forensics crater using a Terramaster 5 and a d-class amp
  8. Noz

    Shadow's Birthday Cave Run

    Going to make it if I can :)
  9. Noz

    Monrian texture

    Some texture BPs for the Monrian skins so people can have yog/shog/shub textured clothes and vehicles. Think this would be a popular introduction and give more uses for the skins which are mainly TT food atm.
  10. Noz

    What you look like when you are stuck in space?Who would have thought you look like this..

    you'd think while you were hanging there with nothing to do you'd sort those 102 notifications you have lol
  11. Noz

    Monria | 12 Hr Global Prize Giveaway | Yogs Embrace the Dark Side

    i'm gonna go with 499 globals due to changes made to global thresholds
  12. Noz

    Monria | 2018 St Patrick's Day Event | Please Give Your Feedback

    Great event as always. lag and server restarts were annoying, but I know that is something ma has to deal with. I think this was the busiest st patricks yet and probably caught them by surprise. (the huge number of pets out probably didn't help) I enjoyed the parade and the fun at massacre hill...
  13. Noz

    Sweat Market

    There are a lot of bps that require sweat. The dsec laser and blp amps take sweat, like 5k per click. Problem is atm they are not competitive to sell due to some of the ingredients jumping in price lately. I also use a lot of sweat in portable repair and tt units, 5k and 2k per click...
  14. Noz

    Log in issue

    usually get that after a crash to desktop. If your game is crashing everytime you try to log in it may be corrupted. You might need to reinstall :(
  15. Noz

    I'm daring to put it in writing what everybody wants....YOG HOF'S....

    Hah, i have never towered either and i have higher mining skills than you. It is all dynamic so they say. Only sure thing is you will in the long run come back with roughly 90% tt of the tt you put in. I accept i will make a loss hunting, mu is just not there, so i use mining, my shop and my...
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