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  1. Kendra

    Happy Birthday DME

    I hope you had a great day and my usual belated birthday wishes 🙃 Lots of love 🥰 and hugs 🤪 and kisses 😘😘😘 :purpleheart:purpleheart:purpleheart:purpleheart:purpleheart:purplealien🎉🎁🎈 :purpleheart:purpleheart:purpleheart:purpleheart:purpleheart
  2. Kendra

    LCA News

    Oh my goodness, I only saw this now I don't know how I missed it. I'm so sorry to hear of your mum. There's nothing I can say at a time like this. just look after yourself. Love Kendra
  3. Kendra

    Happy Birthday | " Kendra "

    Don't worry so am I 🤣
  4. Kendra

    Hi im New Here

    Hi, Salty welcome to Monria and the forum :) I love your profile picture :) go cats :)
  5. Kendra

    Mission: Nahar Outfit Stage 3

    Hand-in mission items are normally not tradable as they are only used to give to the mission NPC. If we make them tradable people can put useless items for sale on the marketplace. We have not had the issue of the counter reading 40 with only 39 in the inventory before this. It's quite bizarre...
  6. Kendra

    Toulan Beginners Mission Chain | Toulan/Monrian Born Only

    Thanks for the feedback on this mission chain Badadam,. :)
  7. Kendra

    Dz - A Fruit Baron in the making

    Wow I love this story, really nicely written and a lovely read. I can't wait to hear more from you....pppplease :hi
  8. Kendra

    Ba Da Dam - Toulan Born

    Hey Badadam, Welcome to Toulan and the forum :) It's great to hear people's first impressions of the game, and I'm glad yours was so positive. We have a suggestions section on the forum and always looking for ideas. We try to implement as much as we can into the game, so if you have any ideas...
  9. Kendra

    Lea's Feedback 2.0 :)

    Thanks Lea I love your feedback it's great.
  10. Kendra


    Hi Doctor Welcome to Monria and the forum, Hope you have fun :)
  11. Kendra

    VU 23.1 | Where have all the Khaffash gone??

    Thanks a million looking into it now
  12. Kendra

    The Jared WolfStar Moonheimer Blog

    I love your pictures :)
  13. Kendra

    A peek into the world of Deatz

    They look big enough to live in 🤩
  14. Kendra

    L40 Shub Virago HOF 15,579 ped

    Well done Matt that's fantastic 😍
  15. Kendra

    Another DME Unexpected Insta-Port Adventure

    That's hilarious DM, Especially when you landed back in forensics 🤣 A lovely start to my Monday morning 😂😂
  16. Kendra

    Lea's feedback

    Hi Lea. Thanks for your feedback. We always appreciate feedback on missions and it's lovely to see the thought you put into your feedback. The event island is a work in progress, and we would love to see people running their own events there too. We will take into account your suggestions, and...
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