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  1. rojnaar

    Buying Monria Apartment

    I've managed to procure one, can close this thread!
  2. rojnaar

    Buying Monria Apartment

    Looking to buy an apartment on Monria.
  3. rojnaar

    Blue Leprechaun stats

    I've gotten mine to level 10, but still only 50% on the criteria to unlock the first passive effect. Not sure what I am missing
  4. rojnaar

    Hoarders Closet

    A plethora of material from hunting/Mining on Monria and Calypso. I don't have a shop, an apartment, or a shopkeeper pad, and I despise the auction costs, so I'll post here with listing of some of what I have. If you need something, there's a good chance I might have it on Monria and I'm...
  5. rojnaar

    Greetings Moonies

    Heya Noz :) Appreciate the mining advice the other night
  6. rojnaar

    Hi new here

    Welcome Tesh :)
  7. rojnaar

    Virtualsense Space Travel Program | Schedule

    I'm still very new, haven't even hit a month in EU yet, but wanted to give a big THANK YOU for this service. I've been able to spend some time on the other planets, and get a better grasp of the game. Also, as a hoarder, I have been able to make plans to safely consolidate my storage's between...
  8. rojnaar

    Happy Birthday | " Rojnaar "

    Thanks Everyone, I had a great one visiting family :)
  9. rojnaar

    Garnets / Pile of Garnets

    I thought they were a rare byproduct of basic manufacturing and that I've been having no luck getting them. Are they really only dropped during hall of fame finds?
  10. rojnaar

    Garnets / Pile of Garnets

    Disregard, found what I needed in Crazyshadow's shop. :)
  11. rojnaar

    Rojnaar - semisober noob

    Hello all, I've been on EU for close to a week now. Still learning, and cringing at my mistakes, but managing to have fun with the game. Zircote was nice enough to lend me a ride to Calypso a few days ago, and just last night I had my first successful flight in my little Sleipnir, chugging...
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