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  1. Hipatia

    Karmoosh Aleef

    Thank you very much for the link and the info.
  2. Hipatia

    Karmoosh Aleef

    Hi: I see the last post is from quite some time ago and I was wondering if someone can confirm what's been said above or add something new. I wasted my key a long time ago because my taming level was too low. I've tried to find some information on how to get another but couldn't. I read in...
  3. Hipatia

    Toulan Citizenship Mission

    Very usefull information, thank you Eleni. I love the pic on the sofa :laughing2
  4. Hipatia

    More whipping!

    Thank you for the link, DME. Well, I counted two, including in them the different variations. So far I've managed to tame yog hutchling and lepres green, blue and white. :whip Horror and gold are still out of my league, but I don't loose hope. All in good time.
  5. Hipatia

    More whipping!

    Although L20-30 are still out of my range, I totally back Elani's suggestion. The introdution of taming missions has been a great idea. Now, I know it's improbable and that Monria already has two tamable mobs while Toulan has just one, but... oh, I've always so much wanted to have a cultist pet!!
  6. Hipatia

    Yog buff not visible in the buffs bar

    Thank you Heidi. Icons like Pet and taming gain or Decreased focus do appear on the buff bar when you call out the pet. It would be a good idea that some indication were displayed in this case too. Maybe it could be added in the future.
  7. Hipatia

    Yog buff not visible in the buffs bar

    Hello all: I unlocked my yog hutchling reload buff yesterday and activated it, nevertheless no icon appears on the buff bar nor increase the % of reload on my Increase reload speed buff. Is this normal, how do I know the buff is working? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hipatia

    8 posts to see the Shoutbox...

    Sorry. It was my hubby. I told him to keep an eye on the chat while I had a shower.:rolleyes
  9. Hipatia


    Wow, congratulations!
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