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  1. Kaz

    Red Rose Texture BP

    I would suggest reducing the number of Caboria leathers to 1 instead of 2. The hides are too rare, so the texture is ridiculously expensive. It's such a lovely texture. I would really love it if I could use it.
  2. Kaz

    William Morris Texture

    I can hardly make out the pattern when William Morris texture is displayed on clothing. It looks really faded.
  3. Kaz

    Few picture from my large Toulan apartment floor4-apartemnt a :)

    Looks so cozy Elisha :thumbsup I'll have to stop by next time I land on Toulan. I can't believe how big those large apartments are!
  4. Kaz

    Gold flower texture

    Another texture I really like, but looks like it is bugged. This side of the jacket and skirt look good The other side of the jacket and skirt look bugged
  5. Kaz

    New Queen Bed

    Just thought I'd post some pictures of what the new Queen Bed looks like and a few new trinkets from the Mirsal trader :)
  6. Kaz

    Tartan Texture

    I love this bonnie little texture ;) but it seems to have some weird lighting stuff going on. I provided some pictures below to show what I mean. On the Rinoa Bikini, the texture shows up dark on the top half and faded on the bottom half. On this Pleated Skirt, it looks dark on one half and...
  7. Kaz

    Buying: Directors Set - [Directors chair], [Screenshot light 2], [Screenshot light 1]

    I craft them, so I can supply whatever you need :)
  8. Kaz

    Issue with VU 21.3

    Has this been fixed yet?
  9. Kaz

    I can't TP from Dsec9 to Elara Terminus teleporter.

    I don't know if this is related, but the first time I teleported from the DSEC9 TP to the Forensic TP on Monria I had no problem, but the second time I tried (a few hours later), I had to relog before it would work. Same thing happened at the hacked robot during the mission (when you die). I...
  10. Kaz

    Happy Birthday | " Kendra "

    Happy Birthday! :happybirthday4
  11. Kaz

    Dear Toulan Genie,

    Some really nice suggestions Eleni :) EU definitely needs more (C) armors. Also I would love it if the Toulan Genie could drop a dress boot BP (customizable and unlimited like the Adrees shoes). There are only Queen Stiletto boots and Foxy High Stiletto boots in game (that I can think of) but...
  12. Kaz

    Tiered Floor Lamp

    Discovered this one yesterday. I love how unique and exotic it looks 😍
  13. Kaz

    VU 21.1 | Nadira Wants an Apprentice

    Yes I was wondering about the logic for this one too. I thought the L BP's would be converted to UL BP's. Years ago when the first Toulan clothes BP's were looted they were L and in the next update they were converted to UL. Was hoping I didn't need to loot all of them all over again 😩 On a...
  14. Kaz

    Items not crafted from the right BP

    The Modern Floor Lamp BP crafts the Brass Floor Lamp and the Tiered Floor Lamp BP crafts the Modern Floor Lamp. I was trying to see if I could find out what BP crafts the Tiered Floor Lamp, but I never got the BP for that one and haven't seen the item in game, so maybe that one should be checked...
  15. Kaz

    Unlimited vs. Limited BPs

    I've observed that all the customizable BPs that have dropped in the last year are limited ones and most of the uncustomizable are unlimited. My suggestion is that it should be the other way around because customizable clothes etc. are way more in demand than the uncustomizable. When the BP is...
  16. Kaz

    Sahari Pleat

    Gratz Heidi! that is such a cool first discovery! :thumbsup
  17. Kaz

    Queen Bed - Apartment decor

    Designed some queen beds for an apartment. Lots of fun :)
  18. Kaz

    Queen Bed - Toulan Furniture

    Disclaimer: No Tabtabs were harmed in the making of this bed. Honestly I can't hunt Tabtabs. Littlefoot (my Tabtab of 7 years) would flip out. Literally.
  19. Kaz

    Queen Bed - Toulan Furniture

    Found this gem in the loot the other day 😍 so next project is to decorate my apartment. Thought I'd just set it up in my shop to take a quick picture so everyone can see what it looks like, since decorating an apartment will take some time. I like how it's customizable so you can colour...
  20. Kaz

    Texture BP's cost to craft

    It seems like a lot of the new texture Bp's are not very feasible to craft. For some of them the hides are too rare, but others are just simply too expensive to craft, like the Hareer texture BP and several others. It's always fine to have a texture here and there that is more expensive and...
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