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  1. Miles Stardust

    Three New Quwa Mission Rewards - Two Are Discoveries

    On display in my Apartment: Nahar M-1 [Planet Toulan, 134257, 96603, 176, Nahar Towers 1-M] Now I have all but Mokhat and Khaffash, and that's how it will stay, as I never advanced far enough in those mission chains. Peace, Miles
  2. Miles Stardust

    Khaffash jaw and stuffs

    Dahhar are dropping them. The drop rate is fairly low, but steady (5-10 per hour). I think that Bahri also drop them, but I haven't hunted them recently. Peace, Miles.
  3. Miles Stardust

    Toulan Mining Depth Experiment

    It would be interesting to see the results from a shallow finder. My experience has been that the Toulan specific resources are easily found much higher, but I never kept any records of my mining on besides the areas, and I know those have been changed (for the better) since then. Peace, Miles
  4. Miles Stardust

    Global logging on EL volunteers needed

    Tracker has always sort-of worked on Toulan, but some aspects have never worked. The main issue has always been too-few players running tracker to catch globals - only universal HOF's (all kinds) get recorded. With the big update last December, and massive increase in players, globals were...
  5. Miles Stardust

    Book of Life page 37

    Gratz! - you are a serious grinder :) Peace, Miles
  6. Miles Stardust

    Guide to CUHOF instances

    LOL at the "Nawa Powered Tree" in the 3rd screenshot. Wonderful effort, as always! Peace, Miles
  7. Miles Stardust

    Virtualsense VU 21.2 | The Abandoned Mine

    Very Nice! And this - the first UL gear from Toulan - at long last :) Peace, Miles
  8. Soul1-2021-05-08.jpg


    Soul in armor under the Toulan moon
  9. Soul2-2021-05-08.jpg


    Soul in armor under the Toulan moon
  10. Miles Stardust

    Book of Life Page 99 - Incantations!

    Wow! That's a really nice one! Cheers. Miles
  11. Miles Stardust

    Space - Loot - PvP

    Unless this has been corrected quite recently, the current warnings in space are a bit confusing. The pop-up messages were not changed when MA changed the lootable space zones and can make it appear as if you are in danger when you are not - for example flying from Calypso Space Station to FOMA...
  12. Miles Stardust

    Non Collision object near

    Those rocks - particularly near Snow Stretch, have always been that way. Trees on Toulan are hit or miss (bad pun) but I've noticed vapor trees in a variety of locations. The Jelly Swamp also has many such "plants". I have always disliked this - it is a spell-breaker. I don't notice the trees...
  13. Miles Stardust

    Nahar Outfit pants are now a gross lime green.

    Thank you Kendra! I have my Narhar Outfit pants out of storage, and the M version is looking really nice. Peace, Miles
  14. Miles Stardust

    The Dashboard of Athen's Old Vehicle is broken

    And now it has been fixed :cool Thank you!
  15. Miles Stardust

    Strange physics while driving through the arch

    Striders behave very strangely at times. I noticed the same thing trying to drive mine through narrow places. I think it is due to their insane climbing capabilities - they like to go up! Peace, Miles
  16. Miles Stardust

    VU 21.1.1 | Patch

    Thanks for fixing Ahlan's Old Car :jumpclap The gifts are very nice, and the dialog made me laugh :D Peace, Miles
  17. Miles Stardust

    Cant find anywhere that its mentioned: wahesh fang is used for atleast 1 bp but dosnt drop

    Wahesh have Hide, Scale, and rare [Wahesh Tooth] (I have one, not sure when I got it.) There was a time when it triggered a rare item global - but was a common drop, which was sort of funny. I have not yet resorted my BP/Book area of storage since the bug messed it up. I'll have to check BP's...
  18. Miles Stardust

    Cuhof loot discrepancy

    Why have you run so many of them, losing so many PED's, if you believe (perhaps rightly) that they are broken? The crappy TT returns from CUHOF instances are well established, and your results confirm what is already known. (CUHOF loots were actually worse before Loot 2.0.) For most of their...
  19. Miles Stardust

    VU 21.1 | Nadira Wants an Apprentice

    Thanks for restoring the original Nahar Outfit! :jumpclap I'll try not to gripe about too many TP's on this tiny planet (The placement is nice at Jelly Zone) or even more tidy, monotonous mob spawns (Messy is fun, tidy is contrived, but it seems to make most players happy) or the ugly, out of...
  20. Miles Stardust

    Postcards from Toulan

    Out mining the other day, I took a break to take in the sights: Peace, Miles
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