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  1. Forgo

    OTIS Commander

    Here is a quick OTIS Commander kill with HOF! Some commentary with tips, and a scanned OTIS.
  2. Forgo

    Random Toulan/DSEC Youtube vids

  3. Forgo

    Mob Map for DSEC

    Hi, Just to let people know I completed an interactive mob map for dsec at Lundsys | Entriopia Utilities On the left under maps - DSEC interactive map,mob drop down will provide a location on the map and will link to mob data for damages drops and global info. I still need to update the...
  4. Forgo

    Aqeeq mining mission bug

    Hey just so you know, I see the aqeeq mining mission on Rocktropia , but not on DSEC. I have not tried toulan yet o see if shows in that mission log. I have 93/10000 which I think was all on toulan, even though I found aqeeq on DSEC I dont think it counted. GL
  5. Forgo

    DSEC9 | Suggestions / Feedback

    Suggestion for the team regarding the use of trackers and ease of programming. The suggestion is to have ma put DSEC in the globals for those mobs. I have a tracker I built for globals and many other needs, and have been contacted by the EL team in the past to help with their tracker. When its...
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