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    Hello everyone

    Hi there My name is jurgen zamiria renier Im a monrian born ,member of cult of the skulls. Decided to join the forums to learn more about toulan maybe discover new things together . Btw just wondering if the planet is down,i can log in and all fine but once after loading screen my client...
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    Say hello to the newest member .

    Fryday 21.13 ella decided to come and greet mom and dad ,lets spread the news arround.
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    Monria Volunteer Mentor/jurgen zamiria renier

    Hello every one. I would like to throw myself on the list of mentors. Started to play in July 2018. My time zone is gmt+1 and I try to play a couple of hours a day. I'm not a high skilled player but we all started this way lol. Monria born player and played a bit on every planet. Hope it's...
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    Orange paint can

    Hello there everyone currently as fresh player im collecting these paint drops since these juicy mu but now getting closer to 1000 of these im wondering what i should do with em .should i trow em on auction at caly going to continue hoarding these untill my mentorship period is over...
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    Coming for the love of monria staying for comunity

    Hoi there my name is jurgen. 27year young married guy with 8month old daughter.decided to play again on monria since ive always loved monria and this game allows me some freedom.staying here for the good comunity people build up here over time.hoping to one day get a huge swirly xd(dont we all)...
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