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    Dynamic Event 5 - The Pyramid of Shut'thend

    Thank you for the great write-up Shadow, did you get a sense of the damage type the new mobs do? Also, just for everyone's information, Dak got his bone from the shared loot Cultists inside the pyramid, that are there when no event is active. Seem it doesn't have to be the non-shared loot ones...
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    VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

    Not sure this is where we should mention concerns, but I really agree with FF comments on Aqeeq. The MU for Aqeeq is already pretty high with its use for crown mission (I think the main reason why it has MU anyway) and this daily just makes this mat even more desirable... Absolutely destroying...
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    Monria Event | Sat, Apr 15th | The Climb

    Please register: Monria Lemonade Stand Leader - Valerie Anne Lockheart as leader
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    Monria 2023 | St Patrick's Day Event | Necronomicon Even More Dangerous

    Please register: team Monria Lemonade Stand and Valerie Anne Lockheart as leader
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    Monria Event | July 16th | Colonel Wang is Threatened

    Please register: Monria Lemonade Stand Valerie Anne Lockheart as leader :)
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    DSEC-9 Red Team Lotus instance mob stuck

    Hello! Not sure if this is something fixable, but in the new Red Team Lotus instance, in the last room on the timed clear mob part, K0lbosa and I (Valerie Lockheart) found this mob that was halfway stuck in the ground.. after hitting it a few times, and almost killing it, it moved back further...
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    Bahar the mining guide

    Here to report that I was still unable to get this mission as of two days ago.. the new update seems to have removed it for me or something - so I left that planet with not much else to do :( -Valerie
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