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  1. Tilaras

    Welding Wire BP

    sorry that would be me. I got about 100 of them in storage atm... hehe
  2. Tilaras

    Going Mental

    what you need to do, is when that comes up, put in one set of codes at the top line, and then a second set of codes in the bottom line, so that the server can resync with the reader codes, if that doesnt work, then yes you will need to contact customer support and they will sort you out... as...
  3. Tilaras

    To people with shop/shopkeeper: Can you confirm this error?

    I can confirm this bug as well. I just had a few peeps buy some stuff and it's done the same thing
  4. Tilaras

    Hello ;p

    Hola! And welcome!!
  5. Tilaras

    Better late than never...

    Great to see you here! hope you like it as much as the rest of us do :)
  6. Tilaras

    A match made in Monria :D

    Sorry m8 :)
  7. Tilaras

    A match made in Monria :D

    With toeccutter! Better man then me
  8. Tilaras

    A match made in Monria :D

    Told you I am horrible at these games :p And I take it toeccutter is correct and its Tadhg?
  9. Tilaras

    A match made in Monria :D

    I am horrible at guessing this stuff :stop Will try again with senan
  10. Tilaras

    A match made in Monria :D

    Hope it's innes for mine :p not sure but the view looks about right :p
  11. Tilaras

    Let the Count down Begin

    Jolly o wacky here
  12. Tilaras

    Let the Count down Begin

    I think you missed a 9 in there... Hehe
  13. Tilaras

    Compet Beta on Monria?

    Someone got a holy hand grenade of Antioch?? And remember count to 3!! 1-2....wait wait... Maybe it's 3-2.....mmmm oh god the pins pulled!! Throw it damn you!!!!!
  14. Tilaras

    Compet Beta on Monria?

    Yoga are all butt.... Didn't ya know :p Great pic though
  15. Tilaras


    Honestly I think the gold card is the best thing, no one has access to it except those in your home, and if it is stored safely in a spot that you always put it, then it is a great thing, I hate using my phone for token numbers and all tha.
  16. Tilaras


    Sorry, you need to click on these 10 pop ups by Google and submit 15 answers before I can tell you that Sluggo....
  17. Tilaras

    Happy Birthday | "Anhithe"

    Happy B-DAY!!!! hope its a great time Ant, and hope there are Many more to come!!! Woot Woot!!! see you in game with a bottle of asprin for ya as well :P
  18. Tilaras

    Virtualsense Space Travel Program | Schedule

    Get better soon DME! You may have overworked yourself so relax and take a day or two to get back on your feet! We will all miss you in game and hope for a speedy recovery :)
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