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    Crazy Kai's Holiday Hunt

    Do we need to register somewhere for the hunt? I'd love to join
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    MINI SAGE III Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza Monria 23rd of October 2021

    Not sure if I can be there, but I wish you all a lot of fun!!! And I will definitely check out some videos later
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    MINI SAGE 1! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza 5th February 2021 Toulan

    Something came up unexpectedly and I won't be able to be there :( If the 100 player limit was reached, please give my spot to another player Sorry and I hope I can be at the next SAGE!
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    MINI SAGE 1! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza 5th February 2021 Toulan

    I'd like to register :) IGN: Nakor of Boreft
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    MNAT Tutorial # 4 | Sweating

    Dire weeds on Cyrene are good to sweat for Dodge skills. RT's favoritte mobs for sweating (and Evade skilling) are Forum trolls (50/200 hp) and Haters (300 hp)
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    cant figure out what drops a BP

    Entropiawiki is a good resource. Also for crafting. Do you mean this series of blueprints? Sadly which blueprint can drop them is not given (what blueprints you can use to farm it, is often added). What i can tell you is that because this is a level 4 blueprint. You need to have attachment...
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    Sweat Shop

    I've pretty much decided to move to RT. The AI mission is working a lot better since the last patch, so there's one more thing there for me to do there. RT<-> Monria is a nice small distance to travel, so ni'm still interested in working for the sweat shop and gaining skills and helping the...
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    Sweat Shop

    I am a wannabee crafter and a non depo player. Since the WW crafting also got my attention a while ago, i got my crafting skills up as to have that maxed. Is there any way, i could be of any help offering my skills and time? Currently i am on RT sweating. On Caly i've gathered some Alt, lyst...
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