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    First Impressions by Tina

    For my 5 day stay on Toulan to explore and stream for society on I had excellent returns and skill gains. Toulan seems to receive a bonus for number of times a skill gain buff as well. Had more skill gains bonuses in those 5 days then I have in 2 months on other planets. So maybe they...
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    PATCH.. when?

    Yay for toulan download! Ready to rock n' roll :)
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    PATCH.. when?

    That's the number one question I'm now being asked in stream and from soc. People really like the planet. Very detailed and well done. However, I'd rather wait for a bug-free experience then a rushed product. -Tesla
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    Toulan BPs not dropping yet?

    Thanks for the heads up. Was headed there for myself to try some crafting luck.
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    Glad to see you finally made it to EU

    Roger, I figured pirates would be around no lootables on me :) Thanks for the heads up
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    Glad to see you finally made it to EU

    Omw to planet now!
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