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  1. Few Scars

    New ore and enmatter locations

    I do agree, it should be universal 3 stones per ingot as everywhere else.
  2. Few Scars

    Is Toulan being advertised in Arab countries?

    Currently if you step foot on Toulan you may find a handful of players, mostly known players from other planets (Players from US/Europe/Australia). Surely there is a market for players in Saudi, Jordan, Dubai, Qatar, UAE etc. (Apologies if my geography is bad). Can the Devs give an indication if...
  3. Few Scars

    Enough of the vehicle ban!

    Toulan Devs Every time I visit this planet I find it frustrating that I cant use my vehicles to explore or get to difficult to reach places. I understand if you only want Toulan vehicles, but please release them or lift the vehicle ban. Cheers Bjorn
  4. Few Scars

    First impressions

    Well, at launch I made my way to Toulan. Overall the dev team have done a very nice job designing the geography and the mobs seem to be nicely spaced out for each region. OMG the little Tabnab rodent things are so cute, when taming comes these will be the most popular pet. In terms of vehicles...
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