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  1. Ostrander

    My first "HOF" on Toulan

    OK, I know, it's just a tiering HOF, but it's the only swirlies I've seen in a while!! :p
  2. Ostrander

    Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.4 "This release focuses on fixes"

    As an on again, off again, and now as of late on again Toulan "tourist" I have resisted the urge to post many comments about this planet because there are several with much more experience and time here than I. I think it's only fair that I spend some good time interacting with the missions...
  3. Ostrander

    Bahri Stage 1 (800 kills)

    I am back on Toulan after a small hiatus, and decided to begin the Bahri mission chain in order to get the small number of stamina tokens I need to make 100 and actually be able to turn them in for a stamina point. Bahri seemed like the best mission for this, reward is advertised as 12...
  4. Ostrander


    Hello Toulanians! This week will mark my 10th year of traveling and exploring the EU worlds. After some reflection I realized I have not spent enough time on this wonderful planet to learn and appreciate all it has to offer. So, I will be here for an extended period of time and just wanted to...
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