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  1. Littlestar b-k

    Sunjoq not on minimap

    I was just hunting Sunjoq here [Planet Toulan, 134648, 92989, 106, Waypoint] and a good deal of them did not show up on the minimap. First time seeing this happen
  2. Littlestar b-k

    Selling hunting loot on Toulan

    [Basic Plastic Extractor] 22.84ped [Strong Cloth Extractor] 39.94ped [Weak Cloth Extractor] 158.58ped [Advanced Mineral Extractor] 50.42ped [Enhanced Cloth Extractor] 106.19ped [Advanced Wood Extractor] 67.91ped [Advanced Stone Extractor] 65.9ped [Basic Cloth Extractor] 55.5ped [Superior...
  3. Littlestar b-k

    invisible wall you can trap mob behind

    I found an invisible wall or point a mob can't get thrue but a player can. You can also shoot the stuck mob until unreacheble. I'll pm DME the coords.
  4. Littlestar b-k

    Stuck on floor under water

    When hunting or just swimming underwater you get stuck on the floor alot. (like alot) You can get loose by swimming up most of the time tho. The real annoyence is when the caboria gets stuck and doesn't swim closer anymore, the mob die's quickly so it doesn't have a real chance to go unreachable...
  5. Littlestar b-k

    npc's keep giving same mission over and over

    In Nahar city Captain Xaida who stands right next to the teleporter keeps giving me the mission (Meet Captian Xaida) and then completes the mission (Meet Captian Xaida) upon leaving the text window. Then the marker turns blue. My guess is that the mission is tagged like a daily mission. Exact...
  6. Littlestar b-k

    Shamon dress F texture issue?

    When i zoom in on the dress while wearing it the textures on the bottom half are blurry , not at all like the top half.
  7. Littlestar b-k

    Mob specific hides

    The droprate was ok for a little while, but it seems to be going the wrong direction again. Yesterday i hunted qaffaz and looted some hides at the start of the hunt and none for the rest of it. (1.5 hour hunt) Today on the khaffash i had exactly the same issue. (1 hour hunt) All other loot...
  8. Littlestar b-k

    Hides in loot

    Hello, i'd like to know were you stand on the drops of hides. Are they dropping at rate you want them to drop now? I've killed 3000 Khaffash these last few days and have looted between 72 hides.
  9. Littlestar b-k

    nawacore agent

    I have all mk3 parts to get the mk3 nawacore but the agent is giving me the first mission to kill tabtab or give sweat again.
  10. Littlestar b-k

    lower matureties of thawr

    I'm hunting within a certain dps range as my means don't allow for bigger. I would love to see a spawn of lower maturetie thawr so i might start working on their Quwa challenge if at all possible.
  11. Littlestar b-k

    Qalbain statue

    The thumbnail seems to be broken, the figure is pretty mutch not visible anymore.
  12. Littlestar b-k

    nawa fragment

    I picked up some 20 nawa fragments from the ground in the qaffaz wave spawner , just like you pick up fruit. If that is intended no worries.
  13. Littlestar b-k

    hunting,mining and crafting reward to attrack some activity.

    With the introduction of shops,boots,and appartments maybe you could set aside a few of each and link them to a new mission from each of the main proffessions hunting,mining and crafting. Not sure how you would do it but for example kill x creatures, mine x resources and craft x items. The...
  14. Littlestar b-k


    Is the upgrade to MK2 the only one availeble or are you supposed to be able to go higher? I got the MK2 and am not able to converse with the npc any furder. The npc in guardian city who is supposed to sell guns for tokens is gone. Did he change position or did he get erased? If he was erased...
  15. Littlestar b-k

    Cuhof keys

    I'm looking to buy a cuhof key, 2, 3, 4, and 5 at reasoneble price.
  16. Littlestar b-k

    need a few more posts

  17. Littlestar b-k

    A spawn improvement maybe.

    Hi, i'm hunting the lvl 17/19 Shubs into extinction at the moment and i always have to run true higher lvl shubs to get to them. My suggestion is to put the lowest lvl Shub closest to the tp, unless offcourse you guys/girls have a good reason for that.
  18. Littlestar b-k

    Hi, i need 5 post ;)

    Hello, i'm Little Star ingame and was setting up my stream link on this forum to stream abit on Monria and it seems i need 5 post before i can post a link. I'm a hunter currently trying to hold back the shubs ;)
  19. Littlestar b-k

    Twitch Stream | LittleStar1979

    Twitch Stream | LittleStar1979 I hope i did it correctly and it works. Hello, i'll be streaming my hunting for a bit wile i'm on Monria.
  20. Littlestar b-k

    picked up nawa outside of temple area

    I picked up 13 nawa while hunting khaffash in the pvp area today. I'm not sure if that is supposed to happen, just tought i'd mention it.
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