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  1. Hally

    Mirsal drops ?

    Ive been chasing mirsal since the servers came up, ive done 12 card missions and 2 cuhof 4 missions, and nothing, is this as intended ? I havnt been able to track a single drop of sabikah or mirsal at all also the prices for appartments seems to suggest they should be a lot more common ?
  2. Hally

    Id love a more dense spawn of cultists

    Hello im visiting Monria these days and doing some cultist grinding The spawn at the big crater is a bit sparse, im using shortrange mindforce and club, and i run quite a lot, im guessing the problem is smaller with ranged weapons, but i for one would love a denser spawn so i can get my grind...
  3. Hally

    Found a new doll

  4. Hally

    CUHOF parts supplier

    Hello guys and girls, i might have overdone the cuhof part collecting, so im selling off a bit, hit me up ingame if you need parts
  5. Hally

    Hallys new list of stuff to improve (open for all)

    Here ill post stuff i find that needs a checking, some might work as intended and its just me that got it wrong, please read everything as a wanting to improve things, not a rant. G5 gun says in the text its BLP, and needs BLP skills, yet it only takes laser amps, and not blp Khaffash Mohajem...
  6. Hally


    This guy is massive, hes from the 2010 original beladcom video of concept art This would be an awesome wave boss or event mob :-)
  7. Hally

    Event Organizer is back

    Guess whos back, oh ya i allready said it, the event organizer
  8. Hally

    Im doing my best to open this catagory

    Ive been working hard doing toulan missions, but still nothing here, will it be me or ? ...... You ?
  9. Hally

    Khaffash Mohajem missions issue

    Recently Khaffash Mohajem got fixed so that it counts for the quwa missions, however it still does not count on daily khaffash missions
  10. Hally

    Just a few lines i wrote about those who get the nawacore upgrades

    Ive begun to say this when people upgrade the nawacores on Toulan "welcome to the nawacore ! One becomes many, all becomes one" Have no clue if it fits the intended story, its just something i found fitting :-)
  11. Hally

    your in luck text at the start of instances

    This text appears in the start of some instances both CUHOF, cards and FNF, and it appears to mean nothing at all, could someone check this ?
  12. Hally

    Mohammed|Beladcom Please tell us something

    As far as we are aware thers a big Planet partner update 1/9, what does that mean for toulan, will we also get something, are there any cool things you can hint at ? Some of the other PP´s have shared some cool stuff, anything you can share ? Also is the fix for the pet ready and other small...
  13. Hally

    Got a Vast Sunstone find today 1751ped

    So its still doable on toulan, of105, terra amp 7, at 852m dept for those interrested
  14. Hally

    The big thread of all thats wrong (constructive)

    Many of us loves toulan ! But most if not all people on the planet feel thers something wrong. Ive had a few messages back and forth with Mohammed from the dev team, and he asks that i put things in public, so that people can see and chime in. We talket about how its very good that things are...
  15. Hally

    Why are there 2 different healing devices in the tt ?

    I heard ingame that the Fannosh 1 was removed, apparently its to good ? but now thers another and then a total different type of healing device, which btw looks awesome and could be a good staring point for something toulan unique and cool
  16. Hally

    I would love a statement from Toulan devs/roadmap/ideas/future

    Hello all, im new to Toulan, but i have fallen madly in love with the place, i have been on planet for 4-5 weeks now and im loving it. But its growing a bit stale, i have i believe discovered all there is to discover, i have tryed all the instances,all the mobs and ofc im working on the...
  17. Hally

    Solo CUHOF mission while in team

    I just made the mistake to try and start a cuhof solo mission (by turning in a key to yasmina) while being in team it gives a short text about not being able to only being able to open by team leader, i relogged 2 times before realizing whats up. maybe make us unable to start the mission while...
  18. Hally

    Buying CUHOF key components, pins, rings, glass, bases

    I know the keys are kinda absolete now but as a fun project I’m Trying to gather enough parts to do some clicks on the old keys, if nothing else just because those cuhof is still slightly different from the new ones. I also still missing the bp for CUHOF 02
  19. Hally

    Sahira charm mission seems to be broken

    It tells me to return to aziz and i did, but he just gave me new carcoria mission and wont let me check in for tabtab
  20. Hally

    I found a broadcaster terminal in the wild

    I found a broadcaster terminal while exploring, it contains a url, but the url seems dead, anyone know what this is about ?
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