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  1. Hovno

    Monria VU 1.3 - Let there be light

    Bah! I'm going to say there aren't mysterious forces at work on the Moon, but lets not rush to involve them in this...we all know it was Bluu's fault :p
  2. Hovno

    Too Special Not To Share | It Took A Virtual Universe

    Well. I saw it right away...its obvious Obie is wearing a wig :p
  3. Hovno

    Looking for an Apartment

    Thanks to Justine, I have a new apartment! Coincidentally, I' right next door to the old MNAT classroom...think fate is trying to tell me something? :p
  4. Hovno

    Looking for an Apartment

    The only thing in game I want more than a Space Pony :p is an apartment on Monria...and I've finally saved up enough to make a reputable bid on one! If any of you folks have one for sale let me know! Thanks :)
  5. Hovno

    Update to our release

    Oh! A One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater
  6. Hovno

    Update to our release

    A Space Pony! :hi
  7. Hovno

    Ok..Question for the veteran players..Is loot better on a team or solo hunt?

    In general, you have a greater chance to get a global/better loot in a team for the sole reason that you are killing things faster...more mobs = more chances at loot. Also, oftentimes the loot does seem better because as team you can also kill higher level mobs that none of you could kill...
  8. Hovno

    Thinking of heading to Monria

    Just want to clarify something Sluggo .75ped engineering, not 75 lol
  9. Hovno

    Monria's Round Robin Tournament | Winners Circle Event

    I'll be there..just not sure when
  10. Hovno

    Notice Regarding PEDcoin

    Sluggo...what makes you think you are even getting the coal this year? :P
  11. Hovno

    new to the game.....

    Welcome to Monria! In the interests of challenges...if Raine and Drifter don't behave let me know...I'll be more than happy to help you any way I can ;)
  12. Hovno

    Riddle thread

    could be an ex-girlfriend
  13. Hovno

    Cthulhu's Revenge | "Element of Surprise" | Event

    Sigh, looks like I'll miss most or all of this...catch you all on the flipside
  14. Hovno

    Time Travel

    Forget this guy and just go watch 12 Monkeys on SyFy...all the time travel shennigans you'll ever need right there.
  15. Hovno

    Monria Event | Shogg & Yog Want Independence

    For the event I made a team with myself and two of my disciples (both of whom are very new to the game)...and we ended up winning both team categories for the 'lowest global' (8ped and 13ped respectively). We didn't win an apartment, but we won 800ped and had a great I really disagree...
  16. Hovno

    Hello folks.

  17. Hovno

    Dark Greetings of a bloody psychotic Elf

    Heya! I see your last name is Drood...not sure if the reference was intentional, but good book )
  18. Hovno

    BUYING: Mob's Parts & Skins

    With all due respect to Crazyshadow and his current buy list if there still is one...I'm taking this opportunity to remind folks they might want to check the date of a thread before responding to it...Oct, 2015 was awhile ago :p
  19. Hovno

    Guilty Pleasures

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