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  1. Noorie

    Qataal SlayWay

    Hi People, I am so happy to discover this Blueprint and the Sword on the planet of Toulan :) Hugs, Noor
  2. Noorie

    ESI from Cuhof 03 Instance

    Hey People, Seems after the Loot 2.0 the treasure boxes in the Cuhof Instances contain more exciting items and the overall loot value got improved. Today I was so pleasantly surprised to loot 14.13 Ped ESI at the end of my Cuhof 03 run :D Returns: TT: 83.96% TT+MU: 139.49% Eco: 2.956...
  3. Noorie

    HoF 5360 PED - Crafting Motamared Shoe

    Hey people, Yesterday I got a pretty nice surprise while crafting Motamared Shoes ! A Wonderful HoF 5,360 PED !!! I love this Planet. It is so great to play here. Thanks a lot, Toulan :o
  4. Noorie

    CUHOF 05 Solo Run

    Hi people, I am going to post the statistics of my CUHOF 05 Solo Instance runs. Gear setup: Weapon: Omegaton Igni L1100E, no amp and enhancers. Heal: Imp Fap Rings: Summer Ring 2016, Athenic Ring Perfected. Professional standing: Level 61 Laser Pistoleer Hit Level 46 Evader .
  5. Noorie


    Hello Friends, I'm new here, I arrived for the first time on this planet Friday last week. My first impressions of the planet Toulan are the beautiful design and wonderful views. I also found several interesting missions and instances to do. It 's definitely worth to give it a try. Best...
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