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  1. FireFist

    Ibreh issues ><

    When Ibreh is placed on Table cant select it... Now cant pick it up or price it or anything with it >< These very thin/small items tend to have these issues... thank you for ur time hopefully can be fixed promptly ><
  2. FireFist

    Want to buy small Toulan shop or booth

    Mine on the Market @ 35k 185IP on the main floor (Maxed IP increase) no waiting to upgrade! doesnt get better than that!
  3. FireFist


    taking a step back for being a trader will update when i pick up the reigns again good luck out the all
  4. FireFist

    Daily Hunts Suggestion

    This suggestion is more to promote team hunting with the lowbies and others, and if it ends up ppl dont participate via teams it wont affect them anyways. But, the suggestion is instead of a kill quest make it an equivelant tt value of kill participation thats tracked by those progress bars. So...
  5. FireFist


  6. FireFist

    Enhanced Duhol | Locations / Mob Level / HP / Loot / Other Data

    just got a generic fuse thought was interesting <3 [Paint Can (Deep Cadmium)] [Paint Can (Dark Blue)] [Enhanced Metal Extractor] [Advanced Mineral Extractor] [Paint Can (Umber)]
  7. FireFist

    VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

    One thing id like to add about the make textile daily is instead of Aqeeq make it maybe random? so, then not just one thing being mass produced but, rather creating consistency among everything else <3 love the daily though I think being randomized or some sort of cycle in the daily would make...
  8. FireFist

    VU 23.2 | Cthylla’s Altar

    I noticed the Tabtab teeth, wahesh teeth, Dahhar skin all were greatly increased in the inventory? Which i assume was a mix up? they were fine how they were. But, the issue was when they were placed in estates. Theyre so, small barely can be visible. (Still this way) - ill add more if i notice...
  9. FireFist


    Welcome to Toulan im the Neighborhood trader let me know anytime u might need help <3
  10. FireFist

    Qaffaz | Mob Levels / HP / Loot / Other Data

    [Vacuum Flux Energy Generator] just got from Qaffaz >< XD <3
  11. FireFist


    to the top still around <3
  12. FireFist

    Happy Birthday | " Kendra "

    Happy B-Day even if im super late to the show!
  13. FireFist

    Dahhar Skin placement "bug"

    wahesh teeth added to the list of items that need enlarged >< <3
  14. FireFist

    Dahhar Skin placement "bug"

    yea i brought that one up in a different thread <3 :D
  15. FireFist

    Dahhar Skin placement "bug"

    I already made a suggestion about size enlargement but, this one is more for the bar top from NI when the skin is placed on the top, which is the one i use in my Shop its gets hidden. I assume this would likely be a NI issue due to the top not being the exact surface on the backend? but, this...
  16. FireFist

    Nahar Tower Shop #10, Floor 6 - Inventory List

    SHOP INVENTORY LIST @ ( SHOP ENTRANCE ) * Space Thruster (L) * Amber Dream Carpet * Christmas tree 2021 * Winter Vine Carpet (C) * Sweet Glow Texture * Roaring Texture * Ammolite Texture * Jelly Baby Texture * Oompa Leather Texture * Aqeeq Texture * Maro Texture * Dark Lysterium Texture *...
  17. FireFist

    Thinking out loud Armor and Plates

    Borgee is another one :P lol
  18. FireFist

    Thinking out loud Armor and Plates

    So, been thinking about uses of items that are under utilized. This wouldnt necessarily utilize them a lot but, a lil bit here n there could help <3 Armor Plates I feel dont drop enough. Unless when it comes to upgrading them u dont need more of them to upgrade to higher upgrades like Incision...
  19. FireFist

    [Hareer Thread] in Estates

    also, if ud like first hand visual u can come to shop #10 on floor 6 to see exactly whats happening.
  20. FireFist

    [Hareer Thread] in Estates

    When this item is placed on tables, the floor, etc its very glitchy. phases in n out u turn and itll appear there u turn a again itll appear not there. sometimes its hard to find with mouse cursor aswell. hard to show specifically with stills but, i feel enough of them give the idea lol...
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