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    DSEC-9 Mobs Project

    When you make the threads can you please set it up so that each mob type has only one thread? Having everything separated into individual threads for each maturity as you have for other mobs makes it extremely difficult to find and compare useful information. In general there are far too many...
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    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    Perhaps you're using a different sheet to me. The calculations on this sheet match your figures. I've found that sheet to be totally accurate so far, though you have to allow for some rounding/truncation errors on the early stages. E.g. Caboria rank 1 is displayed as 0.0093 but the correct...
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    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    Hally, you're making the mistake of looking at your current rank while claiming the reward for the previous rank, so some of what you posted above is 1 rank out.
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    Event weekend Feedback

    I decided not to bother hunting the event mobs after I heard they didn't count for Codex, so that's a major thing that should be improved imo.
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    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    Here's all my data, some of which was taken from this thread so you already have it, but some is missing. Mob 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Skill Set 1 Skill Set 1 Skill Set 2 Skill Set 2 Skill Set 3 / 4 Skill Set 1 Skill Set 1 Skill Set 2 Skill Set 2 Skill Set 3 Skill Set 1 Skill Set 1...
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    Suggestion - Add a TP to Jelly Zone on Toulan

    Having spent the last few days exploring Toulan for the first time since the original week of release, I would suggest putting a TP on every outpost. It's really frustrating having so many locations without TPs, especially when a lot of them have mission NPCs as well. I'm spending so much time...
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    SB-10 limited knife bug

    It doesn't, it says the learning period ends at Level 15.
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    Codex for Toulan Creatures

    Feel free to copy the layout etc of my Calypso sheet: Codex Mission Rewards
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    Player Profile | Oleg Oleg McMullery

    A blast from the past :) Fun to read that again now after all these years.
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    DME | Moon State of Mind

    Ah, so it is you - welcome back :)
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    Monria's Valentine's Day Event | Win Apartments

    Sorry, yes, I was looking at the wrong thing. I think the confusion was only down to me being stupid ;-) Thanks for clarifying.
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    Monria's Valentine's Day Event | Win Apartments

    Can you please clarify the mobs that will count? The EL event has Cultists and Yogs included which is quite confusing. Do boss mobs count, Inchoate, Niggurath, etc?
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    West Crater Cultist Event

    Yes I hope I can make it to future events. I've liked the FB page now so hopefully won't miss it next time. It's good to see you're making an effort to do this stuff, and I hope you'll to continue to do that and to make Monria a better and more popular place :)
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    West Crater Cultist Event

    It's a shame you didn't advertise this more widely. I only found out about it a few minutes ago, and if I'd known before I'd have been there now and would most likely have had a longer stay on Monria as a result. Good luck to the few people who knew there was an event happening.
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    Mirath Fatal Shot (L)

    From now on anyone who HoFs on one of these is going on my enemies list! :D
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