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  1. King Scott

    MINI SAGE 1! Swunt And Giveaway Extravaganza 5th February 2021 Toulan

    Sounds like a lot of fun =] I would like to sign up please. Thank you.
  2. King Scott

    Virtualsense Space Travel Program / Sign-Up List

    King Scott Scott Cthulhu Towers 6G apt owner =]
  3. King Scott

    VCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    thank you very excited to be apart of the team! =]
  4. King Scott

    VCAT | Sign Up for the Team

    King Scott Scott US EST ( GMT -4 ) 5+ ish years in game I like to help people out however I can =]
  5. King Scott

    Monria Valentines Event | Shubs Need a Human Sacrifice | Sat, Feb 15th

    I would like to register for event please =] Avatar : King Scott Scott My guess will be 300 Thanks =]
  6. King Scott

    Monria Event | K'Tan Transports Pinthas to another Dimension | Jul 27th

    My guess will be 525 I would also like to register my team: Monria Shub King Team Leader: King Scott Scott
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